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"....uh oh"
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I'm a mess and have trouble talking coherently but if you're willing to ignore that then I hope we can get along!
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    Those homestead props though-
    CrimsọnRadiant Dawn
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    "do you regularly prefer to chat or lurk"
    *regularly does both*
    *can only choose one*

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  • Did u guys manage to finish it?

    Not gonna lie, I forgot it was a thing, because more often than not I forget the gens themselves are a thing.
    KensamaofmariRadiant Dawn
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    Helsa wrote: »
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    Helsa wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    No, my question is why is a monkey that specific number of 476 Guineas etc. Was there something that was that price where people would rather call it a monkey?

    The answer does lay within. Read, don't skim the thread, and think man; THINK!!!

    Thinking is overrated. Just got out of a physics final. Can confirm.

    Which physics subjects?

    Physics. That's all I really know XD
    I took a physics class to satisfy the science necessities for my degree and because its apparently useful in this field, learned how once again to hate the sciences of life, but I do believe I at least passed XD

    So, intro to physics then? What's your degree?

    That's an interesting question, I'll let you know when I do XD

    Lol I've been going into Digital Media with admittedly a strong interest in animation, but with the exploration that has gone into deciding WHICH path of degree plan to follow, I'm vaguely reminded of the labyrinth with time and money as the current beasts.
    All in all, it wasn't actually THAT bad - I just can't decide if I hated it more than chemistry or not. Apparently science just isn't my strong suit.