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  • Who is the old official Mabinogi artist?

    Adeno wrote: »
    Maybe this will help. I found some videos for the end credits screen of G1. There are others on youtube, just search "Mabinogi credits".

    Anyway according to the video above...

    Art Director - Rooney Yi

    Character Designer - Popcorn Kang

    Costume/Monster Designer - Akane Lee

    Monster Designer - Nox Ahn

    Scenery Designer - Sindorim Jang

    Movie Designer - Ren Lee

    Web Designer - Oz Yoon

    Thank you so much @Adeno! I actually thought about this as well, but at the time I just searched up "Popcorn Kang" in English hoping to find something. Of course, after thinking about it, I should have known most of my findings should be in Korean!
    I found this thread after searching "팝콘 강마비노기" (Popcorn Kang mabinogi) The Korean spelling of the illustrator's name is probably wrong though (Used a translator, if someone is able to translate their name, let me know!)
    In this thread, someone asked the same question as me. A responder posted their website link in the comments. I figured the website would be down, so I used Web Archive to see their old posts.
    (Here is some drawings that can be found)
    Though their site is down now so I'm not sure where to look now. If anyone has any more info, let me know.

    Edit: I did a bit more research on another Mabinogi Illustrator from G2 credits, Ghang Young-hwa (강 영화), and found an interesting blog post about them (again, very little information). I believe they are the illustrator for some if not all Emain Macha NPCs (Rua is included in this post).

    Edit2: I looked up another artist on the G2 credits, Kim, Jin-Hee (김진희) who drew many old works used for the Mabinogi homepage. Though I am also unable to find other works by them.