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  • Mari's Life Skills Central

    Hello Shoog,
    and sorry by joining this thread so late, just wanted to say this is a great idea, and here left my humble list of skills.

    IGN: Muaa
    R1 Hillwen Engineering
    R1 Magic Craft
    R1 Refining
    R1 Blacksmithing
    R1 Weaving
    R1 Tailoring
    Md Carpentry
    R1 Handicraft
    Md Cooking
    R4 Campfire
    R1 Enchanting
    R1 Potion Making
    R1 Synthesis

    About January 2019

    Regards Muaa~
  • Close This Thread, My Bad For It

    Sorry for this rant but, I HATE HOW EVERYONE AND THEIR ALTS CAN HAVE THEIR OWN GUILD. It is SO stupid. Seriously there NEEDS to be a limit to how many guilds there are per server.

    Dear Dragoolfire,
    i share same feelings about alters.. and about ghost guilds.. but.. please try to understand other points of views too.. and yes i agree, the massive amount of alters makes communication between players difficult, plus every time you change channels your guildchat history dissapear too.. so.. the solution .. for peolpe who plays several alters and guilds is a 3rd party chat box , plus you no need to type so... for them, it works prety well.

    Yes i said for them.. because if you play one only character... it's just frustrating, so.. yes i feel you, and was really good to read you, at least i dont feel im the only one.
    So give 3rd party chat boxes a chance, but remember, technology doesn't makes people better.. or worst.. they're the same kind of people always.

    And thanks for your thread, it was refreshing ^_^

    Regards Muaa ~ your mischevious evil elf since centuries ago ~
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    Why do I play Mabinogi? mmmm....
    Because.. because many things, but i enjoy Mabinogi is not based on fixed classes like every single game around today, instead is skill based you can mix the way you feel when you want and if you want and i love it ...but this is not enough... i play because i can progress doing funny nice things, having fun and playing with friends or alone... instead of spend 90hs a week harvesting like a slave for experience points killing 20 rats per quest ... in the other hand.. is where i find my friends and is good just listening their voices every day, or reading their crazy daily stories along guildchat... so... is not only because one single reason, there're many ... but guess is about free fun gaming and good friendship into a nice place/world/universe we picked to live in.
    Regards Muaa.
  • New to game

    Welcome, and about having not too much to do, errr... this world is plenty (lterally plenty) of things to do than spin around killing monsters.
    For example inside town and villages there are quest boards givin usually exploration missions but they have "go kill 10 rats" type of quest too, to do everyday for gold and experience
    And while walking around the town, there are part time jobs (crafting quests from npc) to get just speaking with them, they're really good to start.

    For new players there're new tutorials to follow, and free pets... but monthly events too, and daily missions... and generation/storyline quests... and crafting... and exploring, playing music, writing music, and tamming wild animals, discovering ancient hidden stones.. and cooking and alchemy and wine making and raids and..of course.. killing 10 rats missions too.

    But if you feel really lost.. and google gives you no answer, some times, this site could be really handy to find answers, skills explanations, points needed, details usually along some difficult quests.. or some spot you dont know yet.

    Regards Muaa