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April 25, 1998
About Me
Hi there! I'm slayer770 of Alexina. I've been playing Mabinogi since... befooore the 2nd Anniversary for NA (still have the Mongo Hat to prove it). If you see me around, feel free to say hello! [More about me: I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, when I was 19, just a few weeks before my 20th birthday. After a series of events, I dropped out of college after only doing two years toward a degree in Creative Writing. MS has since affected my vision in that I am unable to see very far/well and the nerves of my fingers have been damaged, make it difficult to feel things as I used to. I apologize if I actually don't see you say hi!) | Slayer770#4232
  • Spooky Screenshot Comic

    What started out as a simple idea and cursed image became something nightmare-worthy in my eyes. This comic really differs depending on how you look at it, either hilarious or scary. I think it was downright terrifying for multiple reasons. It's kinda manga style, but I numbered the panels anyway.


    I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did attempting it!

    - slayer770 of Alexina
  • Tales of a Milletian

    Shadows of What Used to Be
    By: slayer770 of Alexina

    “How… long have we been together?” I ask him, our longstanding guild stone between us.

    A verbal answer isn’t required—there are some things that do not need to be answered, like how many feathers are on a Fynn Bell, but I quiver at these musings regardless if I know the answer. I cherish my memories because they are all I have now… countless rebirths can’t take them away from me.

    Sure I have my friends and guild, but they too will eventually disappear like everyone and everything else this past decade. We all will. Just like the Three Heroes… who knows how long we will be around in this world? Just thinking of that frightens me just as much as listing Holy Water of Lymilark for anything more than 10,000 gold per stack.

    I place my shaking hand atop his, my finger brushing his time-worn Wedding Ring. I hope his is still as lustrous as mine… Erinn used to be full of Milletians like us. I could see naught but strangers’ shops full of trinkets and baubles in Dunbarton, but now… empty as Tir Na Nog. All there is now is a fragmented moon stone and faceless Milletians that appear eerily similar.

    “Slay,” I whimper without looking, “please don’t leave me?” It comes out like a prayer. I look back again, but there is no one there.

    “Right…” I mutter. There never has been anyone there… it’s always been me all along.

    Searching through my personal bag, I clutch Adniel’s Horn Bugle, the Avon Feather, even the half-eaten bag of Altam’s Special Herbal Cookies. Two of the three don’t rightfully belong to me, Akari Valcia. Tears erupt like a Flame Burst. What happened to Erinn? To our world? To all of us? To…me?


    (Bonus points if you caught the server merge jab! Interpret this how you will (feel free to leave what you believe this is about). ^.~)
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    Summer days begin with tending one's Homestead, whether they include crops, flowers, or even Fynni.

    Despite the heat, it's always important to go for a jog and get in your exercise! (Remember to always stay hydrated.)

    "Omaigosh, like ready to hit the beach for some much needed cooling R&R, rebirth and relaxation, in my new swimsuit~! Is it cute?" #seeuthere #havealongasummer!
    #alexinaheatwave #startedfromthebottomnaowehere #mabinogi

    (I... as you can probably guess, I do not know much about hashtags. Anyway, have a good summer! It is very hot...)
    — IGN: slayer770
    — Server: Alexina