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August 21, 2002
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Grandmaster Mage who loves to help others. Listless ambivert.
  • Rabbie Phantasm's 'A Dreamy Story' Quest question

    I got ran with a friend today and read the scriptures. The second one I read told me to ask her a certain prompt and I read the third and it said I should ask her more questions first.

    So basically you have to unlock each prompt and then talk to her and then unlock the others. One at a feels unnecessary and also the cumulative level on when it unlocks doesn't feel like it matchs up with how hard it is. So I wish the quest was different and you didn't have to spam it so many times. For weaker players, it just sits there for so long in the quest book until they can finally do it
  • Graphics Option: Remove Sun Glare

    Never noticed an issue with it, but if it'd be an option and it bothers some people, it sounds good to me.
  • Shops and set price all

    Gschoener1 wrote: »

    My thought was doing what they do with different sizes of stacks, where it does the math itself and sets the price accordingly.

    Yeaah, idk if that's a thing they could do when it comes to gem sizes. But perhaps they'll at least consider trying to think of a fix for it.
  • (Solved!)

    Ohmygosh. You just saved me from another embarrassing ticket (and putting this off longer than I needed to). Uh, yeah, I didn't know the world map just showed every moon tunnel (and even lets you warp to them even though you never visited?) I have never been to Stella Beach Coast, or Nares Plateau. I had to grab both moon tunnels in that area. If I knew that was a thing in the system, I definitely would've compared my own map with the worlds so much sooner. But yea, I forgot to screenshot my locations before, so I did it in Uladh for convenience when I thought I'd need proof for a ticket. Thank you so much for your help!!

    I noticed some names were def off though. I was starting to think I hadn't ever been to Kaypi Canyon - South just because the south was also called "Kaypi Canyon" meaning there were just two Kaypi Canyon's. I hope they fix those moon tunnel names eventually for the sake of other players who run into similar issues.
  • Metal Bars

    I would also like if it they could be stacked? Right now I have a scooter pet filled with iron bars because of the blacksmith boxes I've been opening from the part time event. I want to enjoy the amount I have more, and so many items are becoming stackable...iron bars should be on the list too!