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  • Autumn Night Camping

    Musicat wrote: »
    Meow reporting. Today's helper task at (1 hour after the reset)AM featured food sharing and didn't progress at all. The Meow has tried sharing his handmade dishes, collected ingredients, bought dishes, and bought ingredients, with and without other people resting present. None of the options counted toward the quest. Logging off and back on, as well as changing the channel, didn't solve the issue.

    Food sharing is buggy simply because it doesn't matter how many times you share, it only counts when other people say yes to your food. So if 5 people say yes to your first item, you're done. However if nobody has said yes by the time the quest expires, it's a fail. Even worse, just because other people are sitting around, doesn't mean that they are saying yes, or are even active.
  • Homestead Update

    You obviously put a lot of time into this so I would like to tackle a couple of the issues you brought up. Note: I don't disagree with everything, but saying homestead are falling to the wayside is a massive overstatement considering every other event it seems has Homestead items and homestead just got a revamp, and more space available.
    Kagenokami wrote: »
    -Decorative items such as Bamboo, Bushes and Trees should be a 1x1 block. Not 3x3, to allow players to conserve and make use of the space allotted to a higher degree.
    -Provide information and/or a visual indication of how much range a passive item has. For example: Bamboo says it slightly increases the amount of nearby mana herbs gathered. But it does not say what it's range is or how effective. That knowledge is incredibly important for assisting with layout decisions. Furthermore, if the range is only directly around it...INCREASE THE RANGE. When using the homestead for lifeskills that are troublesome to upgrade, like herbalism, efficiency of space is important!

    Bamboo and Trees hit every square around the 3x3, allowing you to have 8 herb patches around each one that receive the benefit. Making the items smaller would make the buff less beneficial, and increasing the range after that would put it back to where we started.
    Lots of players have herb farms on their homesteads set up in this fashion.

    Bushes being 1x1 would essentially be a flower that gives better pon.

    Kagenokami wrote: »
    -Add Magic Crafting and Engineering items for the homestead so all life skills can be done from the comfort of home.
    -Increase prop limit and room allowance within mansions. It's been ages since this function was released and we've had new life talents since then, this desperately needs an update to keep up with changes.
    -Add gather placements for White Herbs, Poison Herbs, Shyllien and Hillwen Ore.

    There is homestead items for gathering Hillwen Ore and an Engineering Workbench. Assumedly a Shyllien spot and Magic Craft cauldron will be following in a little while. The herbs you mentioned are really specific and not the most useful, however Mandrake patches are supposed to be coming soon.
    Kagenokami wrote: »
    -Add more passive items to assist with other life skill related homestead items.

    Guessing the housing workbenches aren't enough? Although it would be nice if they could add a Pet Trainer workbench

    Kagenokami wrote: »
    -Permit Golden Mushroom placements to be gathered multiple times and/or any day of the week. Limiting them to Wednesday like the usual spawns, especially with how expensive they are to make, is just ridiculous at this point.

    Golden Mushrooms are rare, that's part of what makes them valuable. Having channel hopped to fight for golden mushrooms in dugald isle on multiple Wednesdays, being able to have my own personal stash that only I have access to every week is much easier. I personally don't think that this needs to be changed.
    Kagenokami wrote: »
    -Allow stacking of figure buffs. They are hard enough to get, why continue limiting them?
    -Create more lifeskill-enhancing figures. For Example: Figures that raise gathering speed and/or success rate or enhance production quality/success-rate.

    Figures have become increasingly common, so allowing stacking buffs would lead to further increasing power creep by large margins (especially if the same figure counts). Imagine having 10 copies of the same figure that increases max dmg %. Instead of it being decorations with a set 1% increase, it suddenly has you at a 10.5% increase.

    I'm not against the lifeskill figures, but those could easily become broken allowing stacking of those as well.

    The current system of figures may not be the greatest, but it does allow players to maximize their space by only keeping the most effective figures.

    I didn't touch on all of your points, because again I don't disagree with everything that could be done to improve Homesteads.
  • Not getting the weekend fishing quest

    You'll get the quest when you talk to Camping Papa. If you're on Nao he's been moved to North of the bridge from the event area. I'm not sure if the same issue is affecting the Alexina server
  • Metal Conversion QoL

    Honestly we need a queue for metal conversion or at least a mass option to make it more viable. Sitting on over 600 unknown ore frags which can turn into ~300 iron ingots but it just takes so much longer than just cloning with synth.
  • Returning player question

    Work on Memiors and get through the dungeon guide support boxes, mainly Peaca Veteran dungeon, as it will give you instant ranks of Chain Blade skills, and each support box gives you a new pet and chain (progressively better, ending with the Peaca Vet blade)
    Memiors will grant you good gear and can help level you to 200 to train skills easier