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  • Merge Alexina

    Valenth wrote: »
    For those of us who have accounts that are 10+ years old with years and years worth of work, items, and equipment...No it is not just easy to "transfer to Nao." I am not starting over on another server. It is not fair to me. And Alexina is dead. I do not get on anymore because there is no point unless I just want to play the game alone..and in that case I can just get on a better RPG on one of my consoles.

    Speaking to those who are saying just go to Nao..not the OP.

    ** and I would come back and play the game if they merged us..i'm not just saying this to say this. I would LOVE to come back and play, but it is just dreary and boring in Alexina now.

    Just want to point out that this kind of logic is why Alexina is "dying". More likely than everybody moved to Nao is just that Alexina players were hurt that they got left out of the merge and decided to quit until they get merged too. Despite the claims though, there is still an active and healthy player base on Alexina, and a merge would just be bad for the game.
  • Desperate Designer Event

    Do you think we could get a feature on the Item (Mannequin in this case) to prevent use within a certain range of the NPC? Some sort of effort to prevent the Multi-client abusers from parking all there alts at the NPC and causing massive lag. Looking at 7 clear alts and suspension of disbelief doesn't go that far.
  • Advancement Ticket boxes

    This is straight Pay2Win mentality. They offered every player the chance to get them from an event (which was surely spammed by alts as well). If you didn't like/need ones you got you could trade or sell them. By offering them as a cash shop item, anybody with money could easily dan 3 every skill possible (without trying too hard) and then presumably sell the extra tickets to buy any gear they want. The money gap is already too wide in this game, no need to increase it further.
  • Dragon Master Event

    Gonna be very disappointed if the train selection box isn't a pet. Otherwise I will be partially regarding my decisions

    The Toy train is most certainly a chair item. Hard to imagine that 1) they make an event for a "special" pet and just give people a different pet along the way and 2) they coded 3 different versions of the unmentioned pet to seat different amounts of players.
  • Dragon Master Event

    Negumiko wrote: »
    Marith wrote: »
    there are only 9 pouches though... not 10

    Yes. I've been waiting for the forum post to pop up to bring this one up. I'm cool with a 10x12 bag, but please don't accidentally dangle an impossible to complete 10x13 bag in front of us.

    there are actually 10 pouches not 9. at the bottom of the page it shows we get 2 pouches on the last day.

    At the time of this thread, the "x2" was not on the announcement, though I am happy to see that they did correct and update the information