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  • Dungeon Guide question

    YianKutKu wrote: »
    Stormbeast wrote: »
    but for some reason 4 members of my family have been unable to get the box after running the dungeon multiple times. Only true difference in the accts are me and my wife are over lvl 5000 and had gen complete boxes to open earlier, where the rest aren't and didn't....but since the events are unrelated, the boxes shouldn't have anything to do with it, and lvl locking the support boxes is quite possibly the most idiotic thing i could think of since after lvl 5000, the box was actually just a doll bag, dyes that expire, and a free inventory pet to sync away

    I'm lvl 10k, my friend is lvl 6k, neither of us have done the generation box thing.
    She got progress after one run, I'm still yet to get any, and I've run Alby Normal about 10 times now. I've given up for tonight...

    Like i said, i couldn't see a reason either of those things would make a difference, just the only differences in the accounts i can see within my's super weird for the guide to be bugged for only some players though
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    @Crimson i've never had a duplicate post while editing a comment after the fact i've used that method to save the duplicating....using it as a work around
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    @Kensamaofmari I watched the Post Comment button as I typed a reply earlier, and it lit up yellow as if being clicked while I was typing instead of a draft being saved
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    @Kensamaofmari I watched the Post Comment button as I typed a reply earlier, an
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    and even worse, the person posting cannot view the duplicates until they refresh the thread, and then go back to edit them out (or not)