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  • Stardust Inquiry

    Pannya wrote: »
    train only in events
    that's a little too far. I agree most of the heavy crafting skills should be trained during events, but all training doesn't have to be put off for 8 months out of a year. It's not hard to get by on 4x-8x (active talent, talent pot, complete pot) training counts and 1.5x-2x (current level talent bonus) training exp. Especially just getting to 100 points, not going for master titles.

  • Stardust Inquiry

    You've already been given great advice and link to excellent guide, but I did see a couple pointers that were missed.
    1) puppets -> Helsa is mostly correct as most skills are not CP related, however the puppets themselves do require CP training.
    2) For CP related skills I recommend baltane missions (personally Nowhere to Run) paired with baltane training bombs and tendering pots from events you can get similar to boss. (elite only gives powerful-boss).
    3) Take advantage of x2 training pots to maximize progress (stacking effects are multiplicative not additive)
    4) Raccoons at the logging camp are most people go to for training non-cp skills
    5) Enthralling Performance is a godsend for getting groups up for training skills that need to hit multiples

    As far as the excess stardust mats, depending on how far you've gotten, you will still have some use for the lower level mats.
    You will need more of the universal items than the rank specific ones regardless, so the extra will help along the way.

    I'd rather see a way to convert the level specific mats into something else entirely, since you can keep doing melwyn quests after being completely finished with leveling all the Stardust.
  • Potion Making & Potions Obsoletion

    Just wanted to point a few things out. NOTE: I don't disagree that potion making is tedious.

    1) Summoning pets to heal actually is a free option. part of the dungeon guide gives a nimbus pet just for clearing Alby Normal, and you can also get another healing pet for doing the blaanid quests.
    Edit: although not cheap, players can get the better healing pets (catsidhe and whale) on the AH for gold without buying NX

    2) Grandmaster Apothecary effect actually increases your production without using extra mats (2-5 per craft). So 8 HP 300 crafts that succeed will net you 16-40 pots (usually closer to 20ish)

    3) the issue with empty bottle X10 would be everything else that empty bottles can be used for. It's impractical and is actually the least likely option for them to take.

    With all that being said, I'm sure most players would be happy to just let us craft comprehensive 500 pots. Add 1 new recipe : 1 HP 300, 1 Stam 300, 1 MP 300, and extras (pure white dust, refined catalysts, ect.) and suddenly Potion making becomes much more useful. Adding it as a Dan recipe will even make it more likely to invest in.
  • Please make fine wool useful for anything!

    OP probably hasn't noticed, but wheat farming has the same issue with wheat chaff. Personally I have no problem selling fine wool, and can use it more than the wheat due to a larger number of small pets vs horse types. As a player, I find issues with anything that drops in nature only having 1 specific use as it takes up space for relatively little gain.
  • Re: Comment Duplication on Forums

    @Kensamaofmari I watched the Post Comment button as I typed a reply earlier, and it lit up yellow as if being clicked while I was typing instead of a draft being saved