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  • Elves are FINALLY getting a perk/s?

    Kaga wrote: »
    solo phantasm/mag spam = strongest race


    I did phantasm solo without any mag reforge and 200 ping, does that make elves strongest race? no.

    What orkane said is also true.

    yessiree wrote: »
    Orkane wrote: »

    Archery's relatively unreliable by design, and it's made worse by lag which many people cannot get around. It's hard to care how strong archery potentially is when it simply isn't working on the most basic level. With that said, I think the buff being given to it is a horrible way to try and fix a problem just like with final hit; simply throwing raw power at a mechanical problem isn't a great way to fix things.

    Everything is "relatively unreliable" compared to something that's of a higher certainty. The fact that you can miss your shots at high aim % doesn't make archery less competitive than any other skillets in endgame. This is somewhat compensated with the update that allowed you to aim up to 100%, and then further remedied with this upcoming buff, to elves only, which increases the aim speed. And of course this doesn't even take into account the increased aim speed from reforges.

    Everything is made worse by lag. If this lag isn't ping based (i.e. potato CPU), you really shouldn't factor this in.

    Exactly, you don't factor in ping because if you factor it in of course it would be worse. Then if you compensate the people for having high ping, the people playing with low ping will just become stronger, that in its core is the flaw with the entire design around archery.

    I'm strictly talking pen and paper here. Archery is the strongest skill set in the game for damage, and with each patch and revamp it's just getting stronger, since it is becoming more reliable every time. People were hitting 160k per crit mag over two years ago, you cannot even compare something like FH DPS to it. Trash mob clearly being one of the few exceptions.

    Sure without reforges its not as good and you can still solo whatever you want. Sure it ping and misses can drastically affect the DPS it puts out.

    Elves may not be the strongest race in general terms when you encompass everything, early and mid game content. However when you get to end game content they are by far the strongest race, since the amount of DPS you can put out puts the other skillsets to shame.

  • Is Mabi being attacked?

    I havent had any problems for the past several weeks.