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  • Elenoa New Look Box

    I want the female set for my lady ghost character. She'll look awesome in that nice outfit. I hope to pull it out from the gachapon with my remaining NX :)

    I wish Nexon would also give us new armor costumes soon. I'm a fan of heavy armor (light armor is ok) and there's not a lot of them in the game right now.
  • Ailionoa Haute Box

    I'm excited about the Altam title that's a possible item from this gachapon. I also find the gestures to be very cute, especially the "MY EYES!!!" gesture lol!
  • (KR) All Wing Box 2020

    I agree, aside from wings, I want for there to be other wearable things that lets you fly (that's the main purpose of wings anyway). I loved the Mafia Coat and the Muffler. They looked nice and interesting. Aside from that, I would love to have an aura that allows you to float, just like in anime like Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho. You'd have this cool flaming aura (different color variants) and you're floating either like a badass or a kind divine being.

    Since there seems to be sci-fi designs in the game like those "tech" costumes, it would be nice to also have machines that you wear that could make you hover above the ground. Maybe some kind of jetpack-like thing or shoes with boosters just like with Iron Man.

    Anyway definitely, I'd love the aura that engulfs your entire body and lets you float around.
    CrimsọnRadiant Dawn
  • G22, G23, and G24 Complete Playlist

    In case anyone is interested in reading the text for these generations, but had to skip super fast to meet the Generation Boost event deadline so you have no idea what they said or happened, here's a playlist containing all the "episodes" from G22, G23 and G24.

    Reading pace is between slow to medium, I was reading them while imagining some kind of voice or how'd they'd deliver it if it were a tv show. Some cutscenes had dialogue that automatically moved by itself.

    These can also be useful in case you're lost in a mission/episode and you have no idea where to find the next npc to interact with or how to sneak around, or even how to get out of a maze, or basically just what to do next. Collecting quest items by killing monsters has mostly been cut down since that's pretty straight forward and they take too much time due to drop rate rng. These were recorded during the Generation Boost event so some of the bosses might be easier than they should be.

    Have fun!




  • Mana tunnel master title

    I just got the Mana Tunnel Master "achievement" in my journal now. Here's what I did.

    - Instead of just visiting the mana tunnels listed in the wiki, I typed in each important name in the Traveler Guide. (Ex. North Karu, I typed Karu only).

    - By typing only one word or just Karu in this example, it showed me all tunnels related to that name.

    - I visited each Karu mana tunnel by clicking on the name in the Traveler Guide.

    - Upon arriving at the mana gate, I touched the gate to open the map. This activates it and adds it to your map.

    - I repeated all the steps above for ALL the locations listed in the wiki.

    - There are more than 30 mana tunnels now if I estimate correctly, as a lot of the names I'll list below will have multiple related mana tunnels.

    I'll make it simple here and list the important names. You can just copy them (highlight the name, press CTRL+C) and paste them (CTRL+V) into the Traveler Guide search bar in the game.

    1. Qilla
    2. Maiz
    3. Nubes
    4. Kaypi
    5. Muyu
    6. Karu
    7. Nares
    8. Rupes
    9. Longa
    10. Errans
    11. Filia
    12. Cenae
    13. Pantay
    14. Cor
    15. Terra
    16. Sella
    17. Silva
    18. Vales
    19. Lunae
    20. Barba
    21. Calida
    22. Zardine
    23. Raspa
    24. Pera
    25. Renes

    I hope this helps you and anyone who might be having trouble with this, have fun!