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  • What %%% (Percentage) of the Time Do YOU Go AFK ?

    Since I work and do volunteer work I'd have to say only an hour just for the events. Otherwise I help other people on house projects and read books. When having lunch with my co workers we have a little laugh at what people say on the forums
  • You should kill pay to win

    Haunted enchant isn't pay to win.
    These reforges are not pay to win.
    These clean, rank 1 base reforge weapons and armor are pay to win. They're a necessity for a lot of end game content, that we reach much faster with that memories questline.

    Honestly, all I'm asking is, we need another way to get these weapons. Yes, we can spend hundreds of hours grinding the events or for gold to earn rank 1 reforge, or spend adventure seals on the royal knight armor and a weapon with it ("it" as in r1 reforge?) on (sold in the adventurer seal shop) which would solve a lot of struggles for a f2p player trying to build themselves for end game.

    It's one of those things that are too meta to be this hard to obtain for the average player. The market gets a few of them from gotchapons and then they get sold out. Months go by before we see another one and they are millions of gold each.

    Not asking for insane weapons and armor. Just asking to have this base perk on the item which would help a lot with end game. Or the ability to add it onto an item would be nice through a one-time buy on the cash shop. Like a reforge tool that automatically jumps you to rank 1, as I'm sure players would rather buy event items and costumes or things like pets to benefit their account.

    Not perfect but tried to clean it up a bit. Hope I didn't change too much of the original intentions.

    Wow that really is so much better.
  • Mega Snuggle bunny

    Aw, so cute!
  • Event Heads-Up! 6/11/20

    I'm going to miss this event, cotton candy sheep left and right was awesome.

    But I can see how your opening title and explanations would peeve off people.
    1)Seeing as how it is summer, people who go to school would want to play as much as they can, especially with these events.
    2)While most likely half the people who play this game are stuck in quarantine so they appreciate the distraction.
    Honestly except for the tomb event I really love that they brought the sunflower event, so easy. The dragon boat brought back Phoenix armour, how awesome is that.
    3) People are already agitated/worried/scared/mad about what's going on right now so these events are a really good distraction, you "complaining" gives them a way to vent off anger, so don't take it personally.