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  • [KR] Constellation Guardian's Cache

    I'm content with the outfit sets that I buy for 6mil after people trying to sell it for 100mil but failed miserably.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    This is needed badly just for the cute homestead props.
  • [KR] Constellation Guardian's Cache

    I hope people realize that this is nothing new. It's a weak mashup of the romantic rose dress and the princess constellation outfit. We have a gacha with that wig in it minus the moon ornament and we already have those halos.
  • [KR] Quiz Event

    SakiAngel wrote: »
    Mabi6 wrote: »
    I'm really curious about the book pose, is it a gesture or a prop like the cup of joe. I'm really hoping it's a prop.

    Me too I'd love another and I've taken to a more nerdtastic look as of late.

    Omg same here, I love the built in glasses wigs. Plus is seems that more and more gacha have book related items so the trend is strong.
  • Mabinogi (China) Mysterious Magic Library

    Mabi6 wrote: »
    I can only hope that it passes, I'll actually start buying stuff again.

    We will have to see.
    Only the ESRB/PEGI's action/inaction on ratings regulation can determine the outcome of legislation which forces stricter research and overview into sale/distribution of videogame products/microtransactions.
    For now, it's up to Nexon KR to decide if they would like to self regulate further than a visible lottery percentage rate.

    Btw, this appears to be the Mabinogi China (Nexon affiliate), as the text is translated from (simplified) Chinese.
    Mabinogi China Homepage

    Magic Library News Page
    *Google Translated*
    Hello friends! This time, we will bring you a new costume package - [Mysterious Magic Library Director's Handkerchief Gift Pack], let you indulge in the ocean of knowledge, and have super-powerful release reels, facial decoration props and many other items, followed by Let's take a look at Xiaobian!
    Holding the <Mysterious Magic Library Director Handkerchief> and <Shenzhen>, open the [bingo] interface and click the [Mysterious Magic Library Director Handkerchief] button to get a new item: Special Magic Library Director's Costume ( Male/female), horror release reel, gloomy release reel, shudder release reel, undead release reel, new mask dress up props, new house props and other rare items.
    Sales time: 10/9 After maintenance~11/6 Before maintenance
    The costumes of the mysterious magic library director are elegant and atmospheric, and they are also active. They are also very convenient to exercise. They hold books in both hands and read the books carefully. It seems to be intoxicated in the ocean of knowledge.
    In the history of Eileen, the strongest release reel [Undead Reel] can release jewelry, crit increases 20, minimum damage 20~30, maximum damage 35~48, power increase 18, this attribute is violent, absolutely It is the must-have release reel for every big man who pursues the ultimate combat power. Others have a thrilling release reel, a gloomy release reel, and a shudder release reel. The attributes are very good and can instantly improve a lot of combat power.
    If you really like to dress up your "son/daughter", then you will definitely like the facial decoration props in this package, elegant and elegant butterfly wings and ears, and gently flutter like a butterfly when dressed. There is also a beautiful angel wing headband, which is more like an angel-like image when worn with angel wings.
    Brand new house props, you can dress up your farm house, the altar of the doll's workshop, the bed of Brill, the pot of the magician, make your house full of Halloween atmosphere, don't buy a few decorations , greet the coming of Halloween!
    Comfortable rocking chairs and rugs suitable for reading can make you feel free to spend your time in the world of books, looking for your own gold house and Yan Ruyu.
    This package also has additional bingo rewards. After the horizontal and vertical rows are connected into a line, you can get the corresponding bonus items. All of them will be awarded the final reward after the line is connected: comfortable rocking chair.
    Put on the costumes of the magic library director and enjoy the sea in the book. The undead, horror, gloomy, and shudder release reels in this package are very good release reels, don't miss it. Now, what are you waiting for, log in to the game!


    Thanks for the heads up, I was waiting for somebody to post it but got impatient.