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  • Add back secondary passwords

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    I love how secondary passwords were removed, we don't need them anymore because we have 2FA. You should set that up.

    Or don't. :trollface:

    Why should I? You already had your VFM buddy bully me to the point that I quit. Just waiting for him to come back and finish the job. I wonder how many you've given this treatment to over the years; nearly 9000 posts and not including what antics you two have been up to ingame in that time. Meanwhile in 2020 you were trying to fuel my paranoia specifically to get me banned one day. That's alot of prep time

    You know what this has gotten off track, Requesting thread lock. Also requesting to be permanently banned from the forums. I'm done with you all.
  • Add back secondary passwords

    Nexon is just trying to kill their game, and I'm all for Nexon shutting down
  • The Inevitable Merge

    Crimsọn wrote: »

    And so your witch hunt continues~ (Request Thread Lock)
    We both know that won't matter though, since your old buddy JoeyDee9 AKA Alchemy is in the same guild as you.
    Talk about power abuse, am I right?
  • The Inevitable Merge

    Helsa wrote: »
    Vima wrote: »
    ... As for Helsa, I don't know who their benefactor is.

    Apparently, none needed for me because, according to some, they say that because of my singular Churchillian command of the English language, Aristotelian talent in rhetoric, and my unparalleled capabilities in political machinations, that would make Niccolò Machiavelli swoon, Carl von Clausewitz applaud, and Sun Tzu take notes, somehow I singlehandedly beguiled Nexon into both merges.

    I wasn't talking about the merge at all, I was talking about how you and Crimson get to treat each other like garbage with no consequences, yet when I spit some facts I get a 3 day forum ban and a completely nuked thread.
  • The Inevitable Merge

    I'm glad I decided to quit before I got hacked, now that the two most toxic servers of any game I have ever played are going to become an even worse toxic place once merged together; I can watch as you all tear yourselves to pieces. You all deserve it.

    Also the only reason they can bicker like that is because they have Nexon employees specifically protecting them, Wolfsinger. After all, JoeyDee9's main "Alchemy" is literally in the same guild as Crimson. As for Helsa, I don't know who their benefactor is.