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  • whitewizard 2nd annual Nexon Giveaway

    whitewizard 2nd annual NX giveaway events

    prettty simple rules on this one, just win lol. This will be a round robin style tourament.

    HotAir Balloning-
    another simple game, kill as many wyverns as possbile. you and I will ride in a hotair ballon
    over the hot springs. i will just be observing while you shoot down as many wyverns as possible. ALL
    stars (yours/mine) will be counted for the final total. Person with most stars wins.

    just like the hot air ballon event, you and I will ride the raft down the river with me observing.
    kill as many hobgoblins as possible, both stars will be count (yours/mine). Here is the catch on this one,
    I must be protected while observing your awesomness lol, which means this. first time i get hit you lose
    the stars ubove my head. If i get hit twice you lose your stars and the game ends. winner will be the one
    with the most stars at the end.

    *Dice Board Game-

    The 10 players that participate in the Dice Board Game will be split into 2 groups of 5. The top 3
    finishers of each match will play a final game for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes.
    rules for the squares of the board will be given to players before game begins via stream.

    Players must pick only one of the top 3 events Jousting,Rafting, or Hot Air Balloning. the top three finishers
    of each event will advanced to the Dice Board Game for the final event. There will also be one raffle drawing winner for an
    additional player who will also advance to the Dice Board Game for the final event.

    The Nexon will be distribute as such,the top 3 finishers of the 3 events will recieve 10k NX. The Raffle winner
    will recieve 10k NX. The Dice Board Game 1st place will be 50k NX, 2nd place will be 30k NX, and 3rd place will be
    20k NX.

    All players of the Rafting and HotAir Balloning events will be provived FIX weapons in order to keep as fair as possible.
    Sign ups for these event must be posted in this thread to enter.

    All NX winners will be verified by me in a way of my choosing. A discord channel will be given out day of the
    giveaway via my stream on twitch. For those who cant play the events and watch the stream to keep up the giveaway.

    Date of giveaway will be posted within a week of this post which will be the First day of registation for the events.

    Twitch channel

  • whitewizard 2nd annual Nexon Giveaway

    Hey everybody and thankyou for reading the thread, my name is whitewizard and im proud to have been a tarlachian for the past 8 1/2 years. I will be achieving my 20k total level with my 250 rebirth when i do this event giveaway. i started this last year just cause i love this game and the community that has welcome me as a true mabinogian.
    Last year the giveaway was done via Twitch, which i thought was a complete success, being that i stream for 12 hours and gave away 2 million in game gold along with 100k NX. This year however im increasing the Nexon to 200k along with 4 events im creating in order to win the some of that Nexon, instead of just randomly giving it away from the raffle feature on moobot.

    The events will be listed within the next week along with the rules and maybe the date this will happen.

    Thankyou all

    ZintackZairakMissFortunexxmimiDreadhawkIchigo015AlalaroseEnziioSontoriOkamixdimsumand 4 others.