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  • Mabinogi Localization Team Introduction!

    Not sure if the localization team is in charge of this or not, but I would like to make a HUGE complaint about the fact that when you start a new character, or when someone just starts playing the game, the story goes from, "hey! welcome to Erinn, here's your new weapon!" to ,"I heard about you having to fight [enter spoiler here], I remember when you first came to us, you were so happy..." yada yada yada. I absolutely hate that a brand new person gets the G19 quests within the first 50 levels of their character. Like, I understand that the skills may be needed or whatnot, but in terms of story... it's absolutely a mess, and I hate it so much.

    On another note, now when elves and giants are created, they are shipped to Duncan to begin their quests instead of staying in Filia and Vales. I understand why this needs to be a thing now, but could a small change to the text be made to make it sound less like 'you're not really one of us' and more like, "go to this place to learn your stuffs and represent our strong (giants)/smart (elves) race"? That way instead of shunning the character as not really the race that they've chosen, it'll be like a missionary to go forth and conquer for the specific race. Would be a little nicer imo.

    Now, as much as I've complained, there is a lot of the chat that I do like, between the way the NPC's will address each other to the way your character can react. You all do a fantastic job, and please don't take all my complaints as a bad note, they're just the things that bug me so they stick out more cause there's less of them. You know what they say about the nail that sticks out :P anywho, thanks for taking the time to read this all xD
  • Weekly Loc Discussion: Belvast or Belfast?!

    As weird as it would be to just suddenly change it, I think Belfast would be the better option because (I personally think) that's what it was supposed to be to begin with. When Belvast first came out, we couldn't stop laughing at the fact that it was misspelled... Let the change happen!
  • Holiday Art Contest NA Only [SUBMISSION]


    IGN: Kitta
    Server: Alexina
    Category: Traditional

    Dashing through the snow! Wish I had time to color it, but I suck at coloring anyway, so... voila! Here are my line art skills, cause I fail at everything else :>
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]


    I like that night life ;D
    The whole park is pretty to me, the entrance is always sadly overlooked I think.

    IGN: Kitta
    Server: Alexina
  • new to alexina! lf: friends, a guild, etc : )

    Welcome to Alexina! I hope you are having all of the fun :D

    If you would like, my guild Cavalry is recruiting and we have a Discord too! If you've already found a guild by now though, just throw me an add anyway xP I wouldn't mind helping you out, I've got over 70 pets, so even if it's just toting you around, it's fine lol xP

    btw, I think it's nice that you want to make the journal! We need more people who are actually interested in playing the game for fun again, and not just for the stats, gears, or clothes. I'll happily help you out with anything like that :D I've got a few stories to tell about funny things as well, lol. Anyway, see you in game ^_^

    IGN: Kitta