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  • Tales of a Milletian

    Idk if deadline is up, I'm tired and it's late. If it is or not, at least I tried.

    My kind of boss
    Story by: Spkr from Alexina

    The voice echoing through the land spoke up again, challenging us to meet him. My heart skipped slightly, out of fear or excitement, I'm not quite sure. The same noise we've heard before suddenly sounds off again. Looking off to the corner of the pen we're in, the gate appeared once more. It looks like a giant wreath, but it is adorned with antlers scattered around it. The only thing showing that this isn't your regular seasonal decor is the swirling mist emanating from the center of it.
    The rest of the party turns to their animals to strengthen the bond that they share before we all meet the owner of the echoing voice. Someone is even kind enough to play some music to inspire us into fighting with all we have. I stand before the mist, waiting until everyone slows and stops to signify they are ready to face the boss of the area. I reach my hand into the mist, and before we all know it, we get teleported to a new room.
    It's easily 5 or 6 times larger than the previous rooms, but that's not even what gets our attention. Right before our group stands a being like I've never seen. He has a horse body larger than my stallion, but where his neck would be is the top half of a dark elf man. To top it off, he even had deer antlers on his head.
    "Okay, now after his shields go down, we need someone to jump on his back and hold on until he tires out!" the leader of our group yells over to everyone.
    I smile as I think of all the animals I've had to work with before, "Don't worry, I got this..."
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I see all the stories, and I'm gonna post mine as well, cause why not, there's a long journey that led me to this place. As a quick short version though (for those who don't wanna read the whole thing), I play still because it's become as much as my home and my family as the building my computer is plugged in to and the people I'm surrounded by. The people I meet, the relationships I've made, they're real, and they're amazing; and it almost seems wrong to be looking at any other style of game. The towns, the NPC's, the pets, the people, they've become something more than just a bunch of pixels on my screen. I love the freedom, and I love the friends I've made.

    Now for the long version! :D I'll be nice and put it in spoilers, so it doesn't take up half the screen. Be warned, there's a lot to read.
    So, to get my initial addiction to Mabi, we have to go waaaaaaaaaay back. 2008 kind of back. My high school friends decided I was dead weight after my ex and my friend started dating (who wants that situation, right?) so I got ditched on a level so hard, I had to blink for a few months to see what was actually happening. Incoming desire for friendship. I started looking all over for MMOs to throw myself into, as I've always loved video games and games with other people online sounded fun! I started with a small chat game, I don't even remember the name of it, and found a person on there willing to sit and chat with me, so I kept to it for a bit. Then one day, BAM blue screen of death. I still don't know if I got a virus from someone, or if the poor old thing just couldn't handle gaming life. Luckily, one of my sisters absolutely loved playing single player games and went and got herself a better computer, so we got to have her old one! I was so excited, but I was also scared of jumping back into a game that possibly killed the last one, so I started looking for more.

    I found a few random games, mainly chat based, but still kept looking cause none of them seemed right. Now, I've always had a love for equines, so when I was just browsing the web one day and saw the cutest little anime styled character rear up on a valiant steed and run off into the distance.... whelp. I immediately went to downloading Mabinogi. I had never played a game like it, the closest thing was Runescape but I never got into that, so I was as noob as they get. I don't quite remember my first few days of playing, I just remember teaming up with a couple who happened to see me wiggling around on their screen. The three of us spent a lot of time exploring and doing some of those beginner quests. The trip to Bangor had my head spinning as I still didn't bother to keep an eye on the map. Then one fateful day, I was alone again. I messaged my newly acquired buddies to see what was going on, and low and behold, I was told they had feelings for each other and wanted to be left alone... Just like that, because of yet again another relationship that was not my own, I was running alone again.

    I tried to play the game for what it was. I do remember logging on for the next couple days. I didn't bother talking to anyone more than I had to though, cause at this point it didn't seem worth it. It just didn't feel the same without that companionship though, so I told myself that this game just wasn't right for me. Even if it was cute and had adorable little horses you could ride. Then this chunky little knight spoke to me. He asked if I needed any help, and went ahead and aided me with some kills for a quest or two. He was well geared, so I assumed he was just helping the little newbie in the slender robe because my character probably seemed as lost as I felt. He ended up being really fun to talk to, so we spent the rest of that night together. This knight's name was Xaeok.

    If I continue as I have, I'll legit take up the page, so we'll go over the bigger details.

    I had found out the night that Xaeok ran into me was his first night logging in to the game. It seemed kind of fitting, considering it was about to be my last. We spent so much time together, and he stayed up so late with me every night despite having to work in the morning. I ended up going on a routine of 5am - 12am on Mabi, sleeping for 5 hours, and back on the compy at 5 again. Xaeok opened my eyes again to the fact that yes, some people can be .... horrid... but there's still good out there if you bother enough to let it in. Not long after our initial meeting, he told me he truly cared for me. I made him wait a bit, 3 months to be exact, but I told him I did care for him too. We spent so much money not only in the game but also on each other, getting him to come visit me. We were across the country from each other, so that was no small fee. We finally decided enough was enough, and we wanted to truly be together, so on my visit to see him, we made preparations for my move.

    I have been with Jonathan since October of 2011. We got married June 10th, 2014, and had a baby on October 4th, 2016. I would have never met him had it not been for this silly little MMO, so I feel I owe a lot to this game. We've been through difficult times, but with him by my side, it's been a journey I'm happy I set out on in the first place. Sadly, the game became "too anime" to his liking, but I never really stopped playing. I believe about 8 months was the longest break I ever took. He just started playing again though, due to me wanting to play an MMO with him again and him seeing my dedication to it, so it feels even more like home. I hope it never ends.

    There are so many amazing people I've met on this game, I don't know if I can ever quit. There's so much of my personal history invested in it, and even though it could use a major overhaul, I think I will continue playing for as long as the servers are running.

    To all the coming years, may you bring joy to the lives of those who choose to play.
  • Mabinogi Localization Team Introduction!

    Not sure if the localization team is in charge of this or not, but I would like to make a HUGE complaint about the fact that when you start a new character, or when someone just starts playing the game, the story goes from, "hey! welcome to Erinn, here's your new weapon!" to ,"I heard about you having to fight [enter spoiler here], I remember when you first came to us, you were so happy..." yada yada yada. I absolutely hate that a brand new person gets the G19 quests within the first 50 levels of their character. Like, I understand that the skills may be needed or whatnot, but in terms of story... it's absolutely a mess, and I hate it so much.

    On another note, now when elves and giants are created, they are shipped to Duncan to begin their quests instead of staying in Filia and Vales. I understand why this needs to be a thing now, but could a small change to the text be made to make it sound less like 'you're not really one of us' and more like, "go to this place to learn your stuffs and represent our strong (giants)/smart (elves) race"? That way instead of shunning the character as not really the race that they've chosen, it'll be like a missionary to go forth and conquer for the specific race. Would be a little nicer imo.

    Now, as much as I've complained, there is a lot of the chat that I do like, between the way the NPC's will address each other to the way your character can react. You all do a fantastic job, and please don't take all my complaints as a bad note, they're just the things that bug me so they stick out more cause there's less of them. You know what they say about the nail that sticks out :P anywho, thanks for taking the time to read this all xD