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  • Bring Back the Mid-Game

    Reminder that if crafting got an update that 90-100% of the new recipes, materials, etc will all be from high to endgame content.
    I know it would be better to have it otherwise, but considering how things in KR typically go...

    Replace updating NPCs with updating all forms of old graphics period. Old hair styles, old outfits, etc.

    If anything is to be added to low level dungeon rewards, lesser crafting mats. Like leather, silk, etc. Maybe wood boards?

    I highly doubt enchant will be revamped. Also just about anyone doing high end enchants can afford enchant protection, no need to make a fuss over rates.
    You also don't need enchants to surpass mid game. At all.

    I think the real problem to address is that the game does not explain the importance of stats very much, along with a lot of newer players trying to solo literally everything.
    When I created my current character, I surpassed the mid game super early because I knew about stat importance.
    But then I also met a total 14k player that was unbelievably weak, because he did not understand stat growth.

    Maybe on the talent selection page, add notices about what stats are needed for non beginner friendly talents like alchemy?
    Something like "This talent will not be effective without high HP, MP, and Stamina." listed above the skills.

    It would at least keep a bunch of people from trying to main alchemy super early and getting the impression of the game being way harder than it actually is.

    That and maybe listing beginner talents as Warrior, Mage, and Archery.
    The actually easy to grow/start with/understand talents.

    Besides that, it seems to be purely gold troubles I'm reading.
    Simple solution, stop trying to use high end weapons if you can't handle the repair costs.
    I've seen so many people jump right into things like beam swords and go broke trying to pay to repair them.
    Until you surpass mid game, Character stats >>>>>>>>> weapon stats. Use cheaper gear.

    Oh, and alchemy is just generally weaker, if not the weakest single talent in the game unless you really boost it a ton with proper equipment at endgame. Kinda sad really. The talent really needs a boost of some kind.
    Especially with how amazing sand burst is late game. More people need the power of pocket sand.
  • Fishing Event

    watercat0 wrote: »
    this is the worst ever, its so bad that the first thread that talked about this was removed by nexon. they know its a bad event and trying to hide it.

    Yeah, it most certainly was not because you posted no constructive information about the event, made it seem really bad when its actually pretty decent, and most certainly not because you included a FUD poll with biased answers.

    No its clearly someone else's fault.


    This event is actually really nice. Since you are limited on bait daily, this means the entire population won't be afk all day like in most fishing events. Its like they want us to play the game or something.
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  • What do you think of community of your server?

    TNinja wrote: »
    I hate everyone equally.

    People who judges other simply by name, really doesn't deserve my my time anyway.

    What I love is that just because I said "People might take your name as a sign of how you act and get the wrong idea" and somehow that translated to people as me being the one that does that.

    When all I did was tell OP to open up more as well as where to find social activity.

    Then again, this is the forums.
    [Deleted User]HellkaizerLeilicia
  • Several Years away, What has changed?

    Since G9:

    G10 through G20 came to be.

    From G10 through G12, Demigod mode exists, with abilities that work like a last resort. Timed and ranks up with level ups and rebirths.
    Rebirths are now weekly, no more waiting for age 20.
    Alchemy never became relevant.
    G13 through G16 have a place called Avon with Shakespeare storyline, but most people use it for the Martial Arts mission chain.
    G17 is terrible and we don't speak of it.
    G18, otherwise known as Saga 1 and 2, is an example of what happens when someone with fanfiction level writing makes a MMO story.
    G19 is actually pretty good, but is also considerably harder than previous storylines.
    G20 continues G19's trend, but also rewards one of the best skills in the game.

    A lot of revamps happened:
    Magic is now really good.
    Melee is still stupidly powerful.
    Giants got a revamp and are all of the stronk.
    Elves never got a revamp and asked for one despite being powerful already.
    Stats have a lot more meaning.
    Dungeons got changed around in difficulty, mostly being harder.

    New talents:
    Guns: The dual stat talent of STR and INT. Super fast shooting.
    Puppets: The dual stat talent of STR and DEX, you either be really good or really bad with it.
    Ninja: The dual stat talent of STR and WILL, be super sneaky and then not be.
    Fighter: Literally Martial Arts, uses Will.
    Chainblade: The newest talent, uses Dex and Luck. Considerably harder to get into due to quest difficulty.

    Besides that, just figure out what server you are on, as someone will more than likely help you out in game.
  • What do you think of community of your server?

    Fabeola wrote: » I hope you're joking......

    Overlord (Noun): a ruler, especially a feudal lord.
    a person of great power or authority.

    God (Noun) : a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.

    So no, I'm not joking.

    Although it is very clear that Over's personality is vastly different than the one the name implies.
    Just needs to open up more to people in game, some nice people in Tarlach.
    [Deleted User]