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  • Nexon. Do something about seizure dyes

    AgentJean wrote: »
    Then it's to the blacklist with you inconsiderate people.


    "People are giving me actual facts, evidence, trying to be reasonable, and giving me solutions! The proper response is to get mad that my own personal solution is not what every person on earth thinks and blacklist them over it!"

    Very few people even wear flashies anymore. More than 50% of them don't even look good to begin with.

    Flashy weps are all I see besides maybe 1 person with flashy clothes, and even then most people prefer slow flashies or standard metal dyes for weapons.

    Just don't look at or ignore people with them.

    And no, Epilepsy can't be your excuse. If someone playing mabi had that, they would have been hit hard by the CRIT EFFECT long before something as simple as flashy dyes did anything. And all the good ones don't flash anywhere fast enough for such.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to riding my Eye Burning Neon Giant Ultra Chicken.
    Trythis[Deleted User]BuffalosCrimsọn
  • What do you think of community of your server?

    I mean with a IGN like "Overlord God", you kinda have an easy time giving people the wrong idea.
    The name gives the impression of an inflated ego.

    And from what I've seen of you in game, you also don't seem very openly social even when nice people are around.
    Maybe try looking around more? Tarlach's Tir can be a quiet place with some night time chatter, Dunby is pretty dead but can have the occasional conversation, and Belvast is either afk people, chatty people, or people being merchants.

    Besides that, I just see Tarlach as a quiet little island among the servers.
    Not exactly loud, but still a comfy place, especially once you meet some nice people.
    courtneyyTheNyanCat[Deleted User]
  • Nexon. Do something about seizure dyes

    Personally, it really depends on the kind of flashy to decide what counts as a Seizure flashy.

    The slower, smooth "flashies" are not a problem at all, and are rather underrated.

    The random ones just look silly. Dye well ones usually. I like to slap these on clothes when someone asks for a "free outfit".
    Random color popo shirt is too good.

    The extremely rapid ones are....interesting. I can see why some people dislike them on clothing, but they can look really neat on weapons.

    Just be glad that flashy pet dyes don't exist yet.

    Or else I'd give my pet chicken quite the upgrade...

    Zeo[Deleted User]
  • Help with Bachram Explosion quest? (Tarlach Server

    ShouK wrote: »
    Just join a production party and kill stuff.

    Or just join a production party in general.

    As long as 1 person is going for the boost, everyone in the party is getting it.

    And to OP:
    I'm typically easy to find around Tarlach Channel 7 if you still need help beyond that.
  • Worth getting back into?

    Its a very different game since way back then, so just hop on and see what its like.

    And maybe say what server you are on in case someone wants to help you get familiar again.
    pawcalypse[Deleted User]ZeoClegunnaImaizumi