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  • I have a toon over 1000 but im starting new...

    For early AP:

    Raising skills to get talents up gives bonus AP, Production mastery being an easy jab at a lot of talents at once.

    Do G1(Goddess quest tab) and keep doing the story quests in order from there. Easy AP, stats, and abilities.
    Ignore quests under Divine Knights until you do all other storylines so you are strong enough and it makes some level of sense.

    Do daily shadow missions, as they are typically easier than most dungeons. If you get a talent up to expert you can tag along in hard mode runs usually hosted by veterans. A good group leads to good exp.

    Do events. Some events give AP in some form.

    This is about it for early levels.

    Once you get to a decent level and do some G19/G20 stuff, you can pay more attention to Squires.
    From the squire hub you can participate in Baltaine Missions from level 60 to 100 each rebirth.
    Be warned though, these missions expect you to be decently leveled.
    Doing the story in order and training stats up should make it easier.
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    I vote yes for this...

    ...and for purple skin, green skin, yellow/orange skin, blue skin, red skin...

    Honestly if a new skin tone is to be added, we might as well go the extra mile.
    I wouldn't even mind if the weird colors were coupons. Those crowns are annoying...
  • All these chain slash skills...

    Anchor rush: Bunny hops. That is all.

    Chain Crush: Really really good in solo play, really REALLY bad in party play.

    Chain Impale: Dex Bash.

    Chain Sweep: Watching a cluster of enemies get stunlocked by a party of players all spamming this move is amusing.

    Death Mark: Now you too can be a huge help in groups even if you lack high damage! Just death mark for your party!

    Dorcha Conversion: Life for the Life eating demon. Or you just felt like stabbing yourself into deadly status.

    Dorcha Snatch: Really should be listed as a passive, its just normal attack.

    Spinning Slasher: So this is what being a beyblade is like...

    Raging Spike: Shooting rush.

    Chain Burst: Beserker but without crippling you.

    Bachram explosion: High damage and multiple hits. For when you get sick of enemies with high hp.

    Dorcha Mastery: Can also be called Dark Magic mastery, but they gotta reference demon powers to be edgy.
    pawcalypseSphyra21AellRadiant DawnGoldtiger01
  • Will there ever be a transparent bodywear?

    Pretty sure there is already both male and female clothing that is equal/near equal to such.

    At least it would be cheap it existed...?
    [Deleted User]
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Remember: It is a unspoken rule for every MMO in existence for certain groups of players to always say the game is dying/dead/going to die/close to death/already dead, even if the game is fully alive and has over a million players.

    This is often caused by players only doing things within a small group, and because they ran out of things to do, it must mean that everyone else ran out of things to do. Even if the majority of players still have a lot to do from not rushing or being normal, social people.

    ...That, and I've actually been around dying MMOs before. If you ever think Mabi is bad...
    Well, I've seen games with less than 100 total players online weekly not die.
    And on a game I saw that had announced its death, I saw maybe 10 players. Total.
    Not just 10 in one server or one area. TOTAL.

    Mabinogi is still alive. maybe has a bit of a cold and could use some care, but its Alive.