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  • The Good Mabinogi Vibes Thread

    Been preparing for this talent's arrival for well over a month now, so I'm rather happy.
    Even went as far as to make a Mabinovel to help Tarlach players prepare.

    Had so many transcribe it that I made roughly 500k.
    And made Ruptured Black Metal nigh impossible to find on the market.

    So yeah, good times.
  • Tomorrow boxes

    In a nutshell: Once the event begins you get a box.

    When you try to open the box, you get a choice.
    Either you take the reward presented before you, or you wait a day.

    If you wait a day, you get better rewards.

    So if you wait until day 3, you get the highest tier rewards. Or at least the best of the 3 reward RNG boxes.
    And some extra stuff like a 2nd title.
  • Called it.

    Ena wrote: »
    lolololol should i?
    oh wait i am not stupid

    Either you post proof of your claim or you've only come in here to derail the topic, which I might be able to report.
    Or at least call for a topic lock on.
    2 pages of this nonsense come on now.

    Proof > Empty words
  • Please recap the stream highlights plox

    Hellkaizer wrote: »

    Wrong outfit lol. Thats some halloween outfit.

    But to clarify, KR had Chain Blade's Ace Outfits via Gacha, 2 versions if I recall.

    She also brings in new wings. Because she is also of course a demon.

    And then those same wings get repainted not long after for ANOTHER gacha.
    Which is where I started wondering if the devs needed new ideas.
  • Please recap the stream highlights plox

    pawcalypse wrote: »
    The 14th, the end of Net Neutrality...

    I mean it might not happen, but it will be a huge day of suspense regardless.
    Scary times will be ahead of us if such passes.

    As for the update, a pre event actually sounds a bit nice. 6 days of extra prep, especially for those not keeping up with KR stuff.

    I just want to know 2 things:
    What is the new Ace called?
    What are the 2 other skills in the Ace talent?