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Silent merchant demon

    It honestly looks more like a final chapter to the Divine Knights story, not the last update ever.

    I'd rather not give people the wrong idea and cause a potential panic over that which isn't clear.
    Or doesn't even exist.

    Wording can mean a lot.
  • Called it.

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    pawcalypse wrote: »
    I usually hunt for Joy, Fixed, Advantage, and Magical enchants which are rare but not uncommon; most of them are dropped by field bosses and common field monsters. If you happen to have had the Red Panda enchant from the very last Animal Dungeon event from years ago, save it even if it's expired. Of course there is the Thief enchant that tends to get overlooked and are fairly cheap.
    All of those I have a small gathering of and some I have successfully enchanted ranging near the highest stat to the maximum stat bonus.
    There are also other enchants that are higher in rank and are even rarer still. The Diligent enchant is so far the best in my collection although I still need to get other enchants before it since it is rank 5.
    So far my favorite title to equip is Wonderland which gives +30 LUCK along with the enchants, I can reach around ~100 to ~230 LUCK all in all, depending on the level also.

    Not to burst your bubble on the luck set up, but 200 luck gives you like... 55 extra max damage. While yes that is a pretty big amount a solo backbreaking set of gloves gives almost that by itself. I guess this also means solo enchant is BiS for chain because it gives 25 luck and 10 max.

    66 max damage actually. Damage rates from stats are 2.5 dex and 3 luck from what I know.
    Although, going for a luck or pure damage boost really depends on one's funding and overall desires.
    But as far as Chain Slash titles go, Sniper Title is one of the best ones. 50 Dex translates to 25 max attack.

    The weapons also reach really high damage amounts despite being dual stat, with Celtic going above 100 max.
    Combine such with the rather high damage rates of the skills, and you have a heavy hitting talent.
  • Guess Who's Back & Needs To Be Carried! ;D

    The Ace named Merlin, obviously.

    I'm pretty sure he comes back because of the new Chain Slash Ace lady.

    I was hoping to never see him again after Saga 2.
  • Called it.

    A December release is something I've predicted for a while now, and it is honestly a really good time to release a new talent like that.

    Better get your dex ready.

    We are getting some dark magic this week.
  • Dec 1

    A December release is something I've predicted for a while now, and it is honestly a really good time to release a new talent like that.

    A lot of people are on break/vacation during a large portion of december, so having the update during that time would lead to more people noticing and coming online for it.

    This, and the fact that we have nothing between our current patch and Chain Slash.
    The only way Chain Slash can be delayed any further is if the Squire update KR had with it is given separate and before the talent.

    But that might also be a good idea to place with the talent to give more people a reason to return.
    A new talent, new content, and Squire Update's easier leveling?

    It would look really good for the game.