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  • Another event RUINED for the RNG

    Arjune wrote: »
    you gotta realize there's a LOT of players that don't even have 1 mil...and if they do, they have more important things to spend it on. When I was a newbie I played for like 2 years before I ever had even 1 mil.... but then again back then only premium users could even set up a damn shop. it's much easier now, but still not that easy... so when you say "2-4 mil is 'cheap'" I'm sure there's a lot of poorer players that would cringe

    It isn't that new players can't get that gold, its that they don't know they CAN make that gold.

    How to make 1 mil without any kind of level needed:
    1. Sell 1-4 event items on the market
    2. You have 1mil now, keep going for more

    This is sort of why I teach most new players I meet how to make gold.
    And then a month later they already handle millions of gold and easily play the game.

    And yeah, as far as wings go, 2-4 mil is amazingly cheap.
    Compare it to things like 80m Incu wings on Tarlach, and it becomes more obvious.
  • Friends list stuff

    YangKoete wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    Along with giving blacklist it's own separate list instead of taking up your friends list? :D
    (I heard they both share the same count which is incredibly stupid)

    Yeah, especially when you need to mute the constant spammers for the gold trade.

    Since my list is full, every time I blacklist a spammer I get the message "You cannot add anymore friends."

    10/10 system right there.
  • How to sketch the Lich ~ Get that extra ap!

    Alternate guide for Elves:
    1. Use Hide
    2. Wait for Lich
    3. Leave Hide
    4. Sketch the moment you leave hide
    5. Go back into Hide
    6. Laugh at Lich's slow reaction times
    7. Leave and get rewarded
    8. Rinse and Repeat
  • Let's have a Formal Discussion on Collab events~!?

    Leinei wrote: »
    Finally, if the anime is just retelling the Mabinogi story, what's the point of having it "crossover" with itself?

    Thats the JOKE.

    Because the majority of crossovers are almost entirely pointless.

    Although to be honest, it would still work.
    And as you mentioned, Reno, Vay, and Tion exist. Could just have the 3 of them be protags.
    As for Saga...
    Consider it a way for Saga to be rewritten to both make sense and not be terrible in execution.

    In fact, an anime adaptation would be a very easy way for them to expand on lore, patch plot holes, create new plot holes, and retcon the entire shakespeare arc into something else entirely.
  • Hoh boy

    In my case, these often boil down to me going "How convenient, the stuff I like and tend to make look good is often the very things people ignore! Forget chasing after 10 million gold hair coupons, I'll get my favorite new eye/mouth/face/anything else for 50k-500k without any effort!"

    If anything, I have some new stuff to play around with in that korean Sim.

    Like those demon eyes.
    Forget having 2 eye colors like some generic anime character, I want my demon look to be complete with demon eyes.
    Maybe. Honestly depends on how good I can make them work.

    I never like using a look without planning it.