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  • Mabinogi Book Club

    The prophecy of Chain Slash (An informative Mabinovel)
    Server: Tarlach
    Author: Backwards Merlin

    Hey. Hey you.
    Do you like swords?
    How about whips?
    How about sword whips with dark magic?

    Because if so, Chain Slash is the upcoming talent for you!

    For a limited time on Tarlach, the book "The prophecy of Chain Slash" shall be on the Mabinovel board as a resource for all to use in preparing for this great talent. In it, information on damage calculations, tips for growing into it, and information on materials for the talent's Celtic Weapon, including where to get 2 of the main rare materials already in the game.

    With this book, you too can prepare ahead of time for this talent and be strong the moment it arrives!
    All for the low, low price of 10k transcription fee.

    Warning: Chain Slash is an extremely overpowered talent in the hands of elves. The damage can reach levels unseen by standard weapons. Do not try to pierce with chain slash. Whips are not drills. Before use, giants should ask themselves if being powerful is important to them or not, and side effects may occur as a result of use that include, but are not limited to: Rage. Weakness. Low Dex. Inability to fully use Chain Slash. And nervous sweating. Please whip responsibly.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Gaea wrote: »
    @Nilrem psh! I want Mana shield to be uncapped to rank 1. Also Mana shield is not impenetrable. You use dance of death and dischord with the right reforges, Hydra, skills like that and you can mess up that tactic. Even with my Mana shield at rank 6 and my Mana shield damage reduction 19, if someone uses a combination of those skills it can wipe me out pretty fast. Also the Duke from peaca can bypass that shield. So yeah it's powerful but not fail proof.

    Well yeah. In pvp you can do all of that stuff to shatter it.

    But we get balances through PvE.

    Also was just fine against Duke with my mana shield up.
    Have no idea what you did.

    Keep in mind though, the people I'm talking about raised mana shield's effectiveness to the point of being capable of tanking blows in EvG.
    From multiple people at once.

    Although I would not mind a mana shield uncap.
    My main jab above was more on making mana shield stronger only for Elves, which are already the top tier endgame race.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Siodhan wrote: »
    Mirage Missile is amazing, I don't know why everyone is hating on it. If anything I would change the spread AoE and frequency (though not damage frequency, as that would hurt the overall duration).
    MM compared with elven movement speed makes you literally untouchable against a single enemy. That's the whole point. It also deals great damage on impact, it's basically a mini magnum that loads much faster and slows. It's a fantastic skill.

    Yeah, Mirage Missile is very underrated. A shame it has to compete with Elf Tower Hidra.
    An option that is often safer, able to ignore immunities, and be endless with master title.
    Heck, in some cases even be stronger.
    Siodhan wrote: »
    I object to all changes you're posing aside from dual daggers, especially the melee skill. Elves aren't supposed to be warriors/lancers, that's clearly anchored into the lore and stats. They may one day have a talent that allows them to be decent in melee, but it should not be warrior or lance combat. I'm saying this as an elf. We're not all mighty.

    Thing is, unless Dual Daggers used Dex, it would still be a subpar thing to have. Elves have low Strength, and having weak Strength scaling daggers with already low damage be the way for elves to melee would not fix anything.

    Now if we want to talk Elf Melee, Chain Slash is on the horizon as the wonderful sword whip talent that uses dex and luck.
    AKA "Elves not only get melee, but arguably the best burst damage in the game, only matched by endgame archery. Which elves also already have to great effect."
    Siodhan wrote: »
    Also, other people: don't argue that archery is god-tier in KR. While it may be so, we have to keep pushing for an update that will benefit everyone, such as a damage formula for archery that incorporates latency as a variable to adjust the damage based on how much you lag. All these aim speed buffs are meaningless to people who don't live next to the servers, especially us europeans, who don't have an own server anymore.

    Like I said above, as long as Archery is God Tier in KR, KR will view elves as a broken, overpowered race and NEVER revamp them.
    Heck, even here endgame elves are overpowered. Crystal Deer Magnum is an unstoppable strategy that makes even Phantasm easier to solo.

    Although I do feel you on the lag bit. That is why I mentioned lag as one of the 3 entry points to Archery.
    As well as Input lag. Honestly even near lagless archery here has problems.
    Siodhan wrote: »
    Hide is fine the way it is.
    Hidera is about the only thing you can do with it and its usefulness keeps getting smaller, plus the damage per second is really low on that one and that's fine.

    Only, low damage on Hydra?
    I can almost solo MA with Hide Hydra alone, it is anything but small.

    Here are some tips for Hydra damage:
    Master title
    R1 Clay Alch
    At least 900 Stamina
    Upon placing Hydra, swap to a Tower Cylinder. This actually increases damage by a huge amount.

    There is a reason I always reference such as "Tower Hydra".
    Siodhan wrote: »
    Final Shot needs to activate like way of the gun

    You are right! Those elves that can already hit upwards of 1 million damage per magnum should totally be able to rapid fire that!
    That won't be broken at all and perfectly balance elves alongside other races.
    Siodhan wrote: »
    EDIT: I forgot while writing this wall of text, but an elf revamp should probably also involve magic. If we ever get an elf revamp, I assume that might also be where it'll go, instead of more archery.

    If there is ANYTHING to revamp it is Elves being corrected on magic superiority.
    Although considering how Elves are in KR, even that sweet change is all but a dream...
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Hazurah wrote: »
    Nilrem wrote: »
    Just the NA Servers.

    so you suggesting the skill does not need revamp just because the skill is OP at ANOTHER SERVER?

    what are you? korean developer trolling here to deny every single suggestion on revamp that caused by lag that happen in NA server frequently?

    Because there is one thing you must always remember, as it has always been this way and will never change:
    We do not decide balance changes.
    Balance changes are decided in KR.

    If Elves are broken overpowered in KR, KR will never buff them.
    And to that extent, we will never see buffed elves.

    I was also referencing speeds NA server could prob reach.
    Be it at peak performance(which isn't that much) and not on a market channel.

    KR can become even faster. Frighteningly so.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    First: This belongs in feedback/suggestions as said above.

    Second: There is already an upcoming indirect elf revamp.

    Its called Chain Slash. Elves get the ability to melee and not be terrible.
    Until one realizes that Elves at high levels of archery are absurdly overpowered and among the strongest skillsets of the game. Even with Chain Slash's insane burst damage around.
    The only downside to elf archery is (input lag? nobody is sure what it is at this point...), the process of gaining dex, and funding.

    Elves are god tier in KR. Remember that.
    Zero lag archery is scary.

    As for what you suggested:
    Why do you want to change hide?
    It is already one of the most broken abilities in the game thanks to Elf Hydra.
    In fact, it is actually NERFED from what it once was.

    Originally, Elves in Hide, literally everywhere, were 100% impossible to see outside of people in the same party.
    This was abused to great length, and bringing that back AND making an already overpowered ability have more power is not something that would be healthy in the long run.

    As for mana shield changes, more of the same.
    An ability already absurdly overpowered and you want to change it to be even stronger.
    I have already met people nigh invincible with how strong their mana shield is.
    The last thing we need is for an already broken ability to become even more broken on an already powerful race.

    Final shot should in fact not be changed. It is already terrifying with Vision of Ladeca up.
    Adding 100% hit chance to the already present machine gun firing speed it can have would be beyond game breaking.
    Even more if you have it ignore armor. Just why?

    The only 2 things worth changing (and not in the way you want) are mirage and magic missile.
    Mirage because it has to compete with Hydra.
    Magic missile because......well its just SO BAD. Might as well just replace the skill entirely.

    And I know you wanted to make a cool new idea but....Fient just sounds like a dumb ability.
    Even as a longtime elf player I would NEVER use it.