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  • November Partner Sale

    Reminder that the gift boxes from Laigh and William are different from the rest and can give red/blue lucky stones.

    On top of this: William's "mount" mode just speeds you up while allowing actions.
    And Laigh decided to be a special snowflake and have a voice actor that never learns to be quiet once in a while.
  • How-2-Get-THICC-Thighs?

    Arjune wrote: »
    Nilrem wrote: »
    Cheese wheels.

    That is all.

    they said w/o getting extreme curves on hip XD

    I don't see the difference considering what they want.

    If you go pure upper body, you become buff.

    If you go lower body, you get hips/curves/thighs

    If you go pure weight you look like someone with built in water flotation devices.
    AKA the exact opposite of thighs. This is because weight effects the entirity of arms/legs.

    Weight in mabi is a strange and silly thing to play around with.
    Although it can be worth it if one gets tired of the default body shape.
  • Soooo is this normal? O_o;

    Surprised it didn't happen sooner.
    At least here on Tarlach.
    Everyone seemed to just kill bosses quickly and move on here.
    Made someone opening gacha more of an event than the halloween event and lantern event combined.
    Because I actually had fun fighting waves of bosses and one shot races of lesser bosses.
    Just a shame some people used them to grief like this, and as funny as it is... could be worse.

    That could have been Lich that spawned instead.
    Then you would have to deal with an army of horses and teleportation.

    And the fact Lich is either really hard or really easy.
    Either nobody around has defense shattering abilities and he kills everyone.
    Or everyone ignores his immunities and rips him asunder.

    ...Or be me/that one elf with Hide and Tower Hydra.
    Lich isn't even a boss at that point.
    Same applies to most urn bosses when you think about it.

    And don't even get me started on how much of a joke dragons are when you can summon pets and fly.
  • Because we need more wings

    Policroma wrote: »
    Also, Gaea, if your intention is to stop people from buying gachas....

    You're not just posting most gachas that come out. You're even showcasing the wings and outfits. Can I have a "good grief"?

    Yes, some will moan and groan when they see this. But everybody else is going 'OOOH! CUTE OUTFITS TO COLLECT!" By keeping track of Korea's gacha outfit releases, you have been a walking gacha advertisement these past few months, regardless of your intent.

    Gachas are not going away. Every MMO does them to some point now. Removing them would destroy (not save) Mabi financially, so that's not happening. Instead of jumping out at every last one, you might consider practicing some indifference instead. And no, by that I don't mean showing up in every gacha thread to post that you're indifferent. I mean ignore them. Don't react. Don't buy. Don't buy off other players. Just go about your business and enjoy what is free. (This is how most "free" players I know seem to enjoy the game.) The gachas might bug you less if you do that.

    This is sort of what I always do.

    I buy everything I'm after with gold, so every gacha is just an update patch to the Belvast Market to me.
    An update patch where the chance of me wanting something is less than 1%.

    Why should I spend time wasting away at Gacha RNG when I can waste away at RNG in life skills for permanent stat bonuses?
    One is something temporary that I more than likely won't want, and the other is actually useful in the game.
  • It's just the simple things in Mabi I want.

    Sometimes the capped skills don't even make sense.

    Like how we can't get Rank 1 Rest.
    Even though the animation for it is already in the game (viewable in that KR outfit sim), and the pose can be used via partners.


    Its already finished, just toss some books to hard areas of the game!

    I wouldn't even care if the R1 Book was a Phantasm drop, it would at least exist and add more reason to run things.