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  • Every skillset has that "one skill"

    Did you know Anchor Rush can dodge just about everything?

    Just a well-timed tiny hop in place and you can:
    Mitigate hits from Thunder
    Ignore Fireballs
    Jump through enemy arrows
    What the heck is hitstun
    Annoy your friends in duels by jumping out of fighter combos
    Ignore the fabric of reality's desire to harm you when your soul is taken, guaranteed to annoy the succubus queen
    Quite literally jump away from incoming danger
    Ignore all damage mid hop
    Glitch the game visually because it can't keep up with you
    Probably a bunch of other stuff I haven't tried yet

    So don't pout as you jump in place to train Anchor Rush, for you are training the skill of true dodging.

    (Also Gold Strike is super easy what do you mean)
  • People's favorite aspects of the game...

    I mean, what other game will allow me to stab things with a whip before riding my giant ultra chicken pet to the ends of the earth to find mushrooms and then punch a bear for deciding to get in the way of my quest?

    Or go on a genocidal rampage inside the spooky tomb of the dead to harvest their (souls?) to gain the ability to take on their form for no reason but silly joy, despite not earning anything else from the trip?

    Only to do the same thing again after hearing this Duke fellow has a bunch of friends from all over for me to harvest the (souls?) of, causing me to just casually wreck havoc with my stabby whip until I meet the madman himself and stand undaunted by his large friend group.

    And then after everything is said and done, take a trip home to play a silent 1 minute 300 note scroll over and over to appease the invisible bard gods.

    Mabinogi is an interesting game.
  • Design-an-Event Discussion !

    Just make Boss Rush/Cave of Trials a piece of normal content or a much more commonly returning event.

  • We need mysterious reforges

    Greta wrote: »
    Removing reforges sounds like even a better idea.

    Yes, clearly removing what people have spent hundreds of billions of gold on overall for no reason will clearly solve every single problem without any kind of backlash instead of actually attempting to salvage or fix the reforge system as a whole.
  • NA Elf Day Needed...

    Resources might as well just go into an Elf Revamp at that point.
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