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Last Active
March 21, 1996
About Me
I do arts
  • Examples:

    Discord: Aisufurawa#8130
    Mabinogi IGN: Utakamo
    Instagram: oneye_arts
    Pls don't comment here because due to work I dont check the forums often! Its easier to reach me on discord

    ~ Prices ~

    Chibis- $5/3.5mil

    Halfbody - $8/7mil

    Fullbody- $13/9.5mil

    Extra characters in an image cost $3/500k

    Please pay AFTER i finish a sketch of your image so that there is no issues with refunds and such! And be ready to pay, do not order from me if you can't afford it :c

    Commission Info:

    Price rises based on character complexity so please keep that in mind also. I only accept USD paypal and nothing else, i will refuse if you offer game cards, merch or anything that is not direct paypal payments. If you wish to pay before i start your commission that is allowed but the time frame for me finishing is around 2-4 days due to work and health issues. I will keep you updated on progress or you're more than welcome to ask me whenever.

    If i am unable to finish your commission i will tell you ahead of time unless something urgent has kept me away from social media.

    Commission rules

    Tell me if you are paying in GOLD or PAYPAL! I do not accept mixed payments(I only accept gold from the Tarlach server!!)

    Trades are very iffy so if you are offering to trade for art the item needs to have equal value to the image your ordering!

    If you are having me draw a mabi character PLEASE tell me the gear you are wearing!!

    I will give you a price based on your characters complexity; it can range from the regular price or go a bit higher depending on details so dont fret if the price is too much.

    I do not draw armor! Due to carpel tunnel I try to limit the amount of detail I put into my work but I still make sure its top quality
  • Nuitera Recruiting!


    The guild Nuitera is recruiting members to join in for adventures, various runs and get the chance to obtain random gifts from the Guild Leader~

    Info on the guild*
    Nuitera is run by Utakamo-Guild Leader and Kedonoro- Guild Officer.
    We are looking to extend our galaxy family. Nuitera is a planet created by Utakamo; conflict and other things that may cause harm are not permitted here for we are a passive bunch. We want each and every one of our members to feel loved and as if they're apart of a second family.

    Some of the planned activities we have include:
    *Dungeon runs-
    The guild leader will host various dungeon runs with passes just for fun to give everyone something to do or if one is in need of materials then the leader will gladly assist them
    Peaca Abyss is optional if the members agree to it but no one will be forced to join in on runs

    *Shadow missions
    The will host SM runs almost daily. Lords missions are optional if enough people are available and able to do them though we do not do lords missions often

    Are you a newbie?*
    New players to Mabinogi can get assistance from the leader and officer.
    Utakamo will help you with your quest and give you much needed items such as HP, MP and Stam pots as well as bags for your inventory and buy you a new set of clothes if needed(or give you hers) Kenonoro will also help you with your quests and take you to areas if you get lost anywhere

    Dragon raids
    We dont always do dragon raids but the guild leader when everyone is willing will use summoning scrolls to summon the Black/White dragon.

    Wanna go on an adventure?*

    The leader usually travels around Iria looking for field mobs to fight and places to explore. If your someone who prefers to relax and chill out with a nice view then your more than welcome to tag along with her

    *We are not here to start conflict with other guilds
    *We will not allow anyone to start trouble with another guild nor will we tolerate anyone causing harm to our guildies
    *Everyone who joins Nuitera is considered family and will be treated as such
    *If you do not like someone in the guild then please contact either the leader or officer and we will help resolve your problem
    *No not spam the guild chat PLEASE! Your allowed to talk and joke around but spamming constant letters and bunches of words will get you 2 warnings. If you continue to do so then you will get kicked instantly
    *If Utakamo dislikes how you are treating others and see that your not willing to participate or get along with your fellow members then we will kick you from the guild
    *You do not have to be active 24/7 in order to stay in the guild but coming online once in a while is enough. If you have rl issues and cannot come online then thats okay, no one will force you to be active.
    *You are allowed to advertise items you are buying or selling in the guild chat even if your on ch7
    Nuitera's home channels are ch5 and ch6

    The guild leader will sometimes be on ch7 in Belvast or Dunbarton if you want to meet up with her there

    If you have any more questions then please note or add Utakamo