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  • The Blue Truth - Talk to Austeyn Broken

    Have run into this problem as well, definitely not the first bug I've encountered in this update either.
  • 13th Anniversary Update Preview

    Oh man, I really hope that 2 person dragon allows for carrying 2 Giants. Really would like seeing more pets capable of this, a dragon especially.
  • Equipment changes and Revamp ideas.

    Oh I'm well aware the Uladh Dungeons are terrible now, they definitely need changes, along with the Iria Dungeons. Heck revamp the dungeons so each Dungeon has unique resources for certain Talents. There is literally hundreds of ways the Dungeons could be made better than what they are now. (And for love the god, please remove the damn expiration times on Dungeon Passes, it's ridiculous that they even have these to begin with.)

    For examples:
    Alby - Tailoring
    Ciar - Carpentry
    Barri - Blacksmithing
    Fiodh - Apothecary

    Commerce I definitely agree needs a huge rework. More bandit tiers, more goods, more trade zones/routes (Iria Trading is good idea), more skills(?) and a rework to Bandit Hunting so it doesn't depend on players losing goods, Commerce just goes dead if no one is doing it.

    Also another few things I've been thinking about and that's the addition of more Homestead stuff, namely the following:

    1: Poison, Antidote, Mandrake and White Herb Patches
    2: Homestead Dungeon - Customizable by the owner of the Homestead
    a: You'd kill enemies for a chance at capturing it's soul.
    b: Customize spawn patterns and which order they appear in.
    c: Choose the Boss and dungeon Backdrop (Alby Appearance for example).
    d: Customize difficulty (Gold reward is set on Difficulty).
    e: End Chest has Homestead Materials as random Rewards.
    3: Better resource regeneration, real-time day limit on a lot of these is just horrible.

    Truth be told I could actually talk for hours about changes/additions this game could do with.
  • Equipment changes and Revamp ideas.

    So with the amount of content now in the game a lot of weapons and equipment have become pretty redundant.

    Essentially been thinking that changes are needed to bring old weapons back to life and have a use in later game. Examples would be as follows:

    1: Dual Wielding Revamp - Basically just add more weapons to the dual wielding pool. Giants dual wielding 2handed Swords for example or Elves dual wielding Daggers, dual wielding Rapier's too, heck there's a lot of ideas that could be implemented here.
    2: Rebalance older armours and weapons, give them a use, especially for those that can't really afford the new gear, or put the time in to grind out the mats for themselves.
    3: Add more Blacksmithing/Tailoring manuals to make more equipment more accessible, wouldn't mind seeing more of the Special outfits that keep constantly being locked behind paywalls appear as crafting manuals.
    4: Make all equipment dyeable, pretty sad to see that I still can't dye a Vales Shield...

    The following from this point isn't to do with equipment, just some other changes/additions I'd like to see added.

    1: Hardmode for ALL Uladh/Iria Dungeons. Maybe revamps to Longa, Maiz, Karu and Par while we're at it.
    2: Bring back some old Events that had exclusive items.

    Also this might be a bit of an odd idea, but the Dragon Ruins between Dunbarton and Bangor, can we get a new dungeon there or something? Just feel like that place needs something more to it after so long.
  • Valentine Shards Event

    This is an extremely disappointing event announcement. I was actually hoping for Doki Doki to come back, but instead we get a terrible daily log in event again. And the rewards... literally nothing to help expand on couples, again very disappointing.