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but why tho


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  • A Fresh Memory Update Preview

    Negumiko wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Not gonna lie...very mixed feelings about these weapons and things not being tradable. I think I can understand to a degree, but...well, I guess I'll just wait and see what happens...

    it would be nice if these items could at least bank traded or pet traded. my main character can't do any of the Memoir questline cause my level was to high when it came out. so the only option is to do it with a new character but I really want my main character to have that Dream Catcher of Blossoming Memories (mostly cause I like collecting anything related to transformation mastery). if these can't be bank traded or pet traded getting that item on the character I want is now impossible. I think we shouldn't be able to sell these since players can farm the rewards over and over on different characters but I would like to be able to move these rewards between my own characters.

    I am not sure if this help, but you can do the Memoir questline (old and new), regardless of your level. You just won't get the additional newbie perks such as more EXP and you won't be able to use the rebirth potions if you are over level 5,000. Additionally, you are able to do the Memoir questline on multiple characters on the same account.
  • Umbrella Races Sign-Ups

    Hello Milletians!

    2 years ago, we held our very first Umbrella Race, an idea submitted to us by Angelhappy43 of the Nao (Ruairi) server. We wanted to bring back this event and have some fun, just in time for Spring!

    Event Details

    Sign-Ups: April 21st - April 27th 6:00 PM PDT
    Where: Filia Desert near the Oasis
    Alexina Race: Channel 3, April 28th, 1:30 PM PDT
    Nao Race: Channel 7, April 28th, 2:30 PM PDT

    • To make the race fair, this time, you must sign up and participate in the race using an ELF CHARACTER ONLY. I will also be providing age pots for everyone.
    • There are only 10 spots available for each server.
    • Remove anything that gives you a speed boost, including but not limited to: titles, couple bracelets, speed potions, totems, etc.
    • BYOU (Bring Your Own Umbrella). Equip an Umbrella and use the "Open Umbrella" action to hold your umbrella in place. Then, using the SPACEBAR, move forward to the designated area. If you happen to get stuck on something, you are allowed to move your character slightly to get unstuck
    • To sign up, please reply to this thread with your IGN and Server. Make sure you are able to make it to the race at the determined time.

    Races will start in the following location: South of the Longa Desert North Region Mana Tunnel


    Races will end by the water in the Oasis. We will have Soul Streamers posted at the finish line and around the course so that everyone knows where to go!


    Prizes for Each Server

    1st Place: 45 TBA Gacha Boxes, The One Who Placed in the Giant Umbrella Race Title Coupon
    2nd Place: 22 TBA Gacha Boxes, The One Who Placed in the Giant Umbrella Race Title Coupon
    3rd Place: 11 TBA Gacha Boxes, The One Who Placed in the Giant Umbrella Race Title Coupon

    The race will also be streamed so keep an eye out for the stream announcement!
  • The Quality Time with Pets

    Clodagh and Fovish have arrived in Dunbarton with their pets and need your help. They have one, simple question: Who is the closest to their pet? Earn points with your pets and prove to Clodagh and Fovish that YOU are the closest to your pet! Check out the details on the webpost.

    Event Dates: Thursday, April 15th, After Maintenance - Thursday, May 13th, Before Maintenance

  • Art Corner - 10th Edition

    Welcome to the 10th edition of the monthly Mabinogi Art Corner! This is a way to celebrate the wonderfully creative artists in our community. If you'd like to submit your own art, you can do so via this handy form. Selected submissions come with an added reward of the 1st Title 'the Talented Artist' (permanent, no stats)! Subsequent features will reward you with 50 Pon. Please note that this is not a contest, but rather an opportunity for us to showcase all of our talented artists! Therefore, someone who has never been featured before will be featured before another artist is featured twice!


    Here are our favorite submissions the month of March ~ Please remember that the links to websites operated by third parties are not under the control, or endorsed by, Nexon and Nexon is not responsible for the contents of any linked website.


    Artist: Laticija/lat
    Character: Laticija of Nao
    Twitter: @latpotat

    "Unnamed puppeteer girl from said talent release, in Festia. Happy 13th anniversary! ♥"


    Artist: Astrea⭐️
    Character: Astreablue of Alexina
    Twitter: @Astreafalls

    "Black Moon Boys dance 24 Hr Cinderella
  • Pals from Pixel World

    Erinn is in trouble and needs your help! Help the pals from Pixel World defeat the evil Demon Lord for some pixelated prizes! Craft Legendary Weapons, find the Demon Lord's castle and defeat the evil Demon Lord. The fate of Erinn lies in your hands, hero. Check out the details on the webpost.

    Event Dates: Thursday, April 1st, After Maintenance - Thursday, April 29th, Before Maintenance