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September 7, 1996
  • Two Sentence Horror Story: Mabinogi Edition

    I was just fighting a friend of mine when he just started to plead to end the fight and of course, I misunderstood what he meant and finished the battle, claiming the victory for myself.
    He hasn't appeared on my friends list since then but I keep getting weird notes that read,
    "All fun and games until someone gets hurt,

    -Altai, Nao
  • The Mabi of Your Dreams? (Idea thread/forum)

    Ok so we all know this game has so much potential to it and is very different from other games in a way that can't be replicated in other games. Yes there's of course a lot that this game needs to revamp and fix but lets just bounce off our dream ideas here. Why? Why not? I think we all have fun ideas we would like to see come to the game in the future, even if it's only a dream idea. I personally would love to see everyone else's dream ideas too. I'll start with a idea me and my friend bounced off each other.
    - Many of us mid game-end gamers don't have much to do except grind out reforges/gear/weapons/erg and maps now are pretty easy mob wise if you're pretty maxed out. I know there's rumors of there being a new continent added but hear me out... What if they added a continent that is all underwater? Like you start off on a beach and just walk into the water and for the first time swimming is brought in? Controls are the same or like flying and you can swim into the deep waters into like a whole new world.
    Or this unleashes and becomes available with a new gen and at the end of the gen you acquire, similar to a trans, like fins that activate in the water. And the fins can be customizable color, shape, whatever your heart could think of. Maybe the ability to become mermaids/merpeople? But like other trans forms/talent/techs you get new skills for fighting that you can use only in water.
    As for the trans/tech/talent fins would be used in this new underwater continent where there's like, deep sea treasure hunting where you can possibly find Erg/New Weapon/Gear/Etc materials. Of course also include new mobs to fight, sea creatures of all sorts, sharks, fish, and even include new Field Bosses! (I'm sure nexon could come up with some crazy cool field bosses.)
    The map itself would be similar to Iria or belvast where it is it's own continent, but can only be unlocked after completion of said generation(s) completion. This whole continent would also be pretty strong mob wise so it's not newbie friendly. (Would make CP-based skills and talents easier to train for mid-end gamers.) This would make players more motivated of course to complete the gen or whatever amount of gens are made to be required to unlock the continent. There would be underwater new NPCs/towns/villages/ all around that have shops that have old and new items for underwater life. Also with completion the gen for fins, the player can use them in other water areas on like Uladh/Iria/Belvast/the rest of Erinn. That alone can open up so many new possibilities for events and new content for players.
    New events/pets too? Imagine being able to do like Seahorse racing? Maybe Sea turtle mounts? Underwater battles. Could add in new gear and weapons for underwater life!
    And the whole fin trans/tech/talent would or could basically turn your avatar/character into a mermaid or grow flippers/gills/fins etc. You could still use whatever talents that are already in the game in fighting underwater but the fins/mermaid trans (whatever it would be considered) make movement faster, traveling faster and also unlocks a new form of fighting, like a whole new talent that you can mix with other existing talents/weaps etc. Could even eventually add armor for your new fins and that improve swimming/fighting.
    There's honestly so much that could be added to this whole idea of course and I could probably go on about it until every detail was worked out honestly. I just always loved underwater maps in other games as well as swimming and think this would be such a cool thing for Mabinogi to have. Of course it's a dream so it would be extremely unlikely but... We can dream right? What are your dreams for Mabinogi that you've always wanted to see come to reality? VR? Complete map/mob revamps? Mabi 2.0? Game play change? New Talent? New Event? New Races? Marriage of Giants and Elves?
    Let us know your dreams below, would love to read them! Feel free to share ANY ideas you have as I'd LOVE to see tons of different ideas and dreams you all might have!! All ideas are valid here!
  • Beauty Gacha Idea! Skin tone dye amp box?

    I know we're all really happy about getting gloves that give us ACTUAL FINGERS, but while it's a blessing it's also a curse for those of us who aren't the the default skin tone that the gloves come out as. The beauty gacha already does hair dye amp box so I think they should really add a skin tone one since we know Nexon isn't very good at going backwards in terms of revamping already made items. I know we'd love for them to just make it so those gloves and shoes that have skin tone sections to just auto-match the holder but that's unlikely. There's now outfits and shoes that have skin tone sections that are dyable so they should really just consider making a Skin Tone amp box already. Would just be really smart and nice for people to be able to match their skin tone instead of waiting for dye amp events where you can just make your own amps. Just an idea! ^^
    And if they ever did revamp those items they should also make a few gesture cards like SLURP loop like the recently released gestures that loop and fit so well for idles. Love the new ones but some old ones would be nice if they looped. <- this is just a side note tho I wanted to throw in.
  • Official Past Event Suggestions Thread

    Could we get the guild title event back?
    Like how some guilds have exclusive member only titles like " The ___" Would love to have the opportunity to have guild titles come back like once a year or once every two years!
    I also really miss that old snowball event where there were two teams that would snowball fight on both sides and try to take down the fortress or whatever it was. I believe it was the Mabinogi Snowball Fight 2014?
    Loved that event so much!
    Honestly events that involve teams in general are fun, especially competitive ones, it certainly beats afk events and would mean more people have to be active for it.
    And any events that involves giving lots of gems as rewards would be greatly appreciated since a lot of us have egos.
    (edit) Just remembered another past event but can't find it wiki wise, but there was an event or contest where people would design outfits and the winner would then have the outfit made into the game. I personally would want more events like this because I have too many ideas for the game but I know my chances to create cool fits are slim to none so, more events like that please!
  • Guilds

    Would love to see guilds get like a revamp. Like, add more officer roles because I feel like in almost every guild there isn't just guild leader and officer but there's often times several higher ups. Guild Leader, Guild 1rst officer, and then like 3 other officer roles. Also can we get guild robes revamped? I agree with everything above too! Can we get guild exclusive title events again!?