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  • ❀✎❤ Milky Mew ❤✐❀

    Do you have any spots open for commissions still? C:
  • SABINA! Where is our Halloween Forum Event!?

    Arjune wrote: »
    I was gonna say "maybe they know Sabina's gone? maybe it's the new meme? XD"

    I guess not though. lol .... We'll hopefully get some kind of halloween forum event. most of the events lately have been screenshot events and not really anything where we use more of our creativity :0

    Maybe we should make a meme out of it so I don't feel so dumb looking for someone who has been gone 8 months! XD
  • Free Commissions c:

    Just wanted to let you know I am working on yours. Ended up working extra this week, but you will be getting it soon C:
    Currently images and quotes are removed from the forums. They are being worked on.

    You can use direct links, but people will have to click on them.

    Here's my character, if you're interested in her!

    And a pose :)!
  • Free Commissions c:

    Hello. I am just starting to play again and I love drawing. I know I am seeing a decent amount of freebies on here, and I need the practice, so I though why not! My art probably pales in comparison with many of the others, but I hope you can give me a chance! I would love to get any feedback you have about any of the pieces I draw. The point is to get better. Constructive criticism is wonderful, however, I don't want any comments that are hateful and rude. I will be practicing a lot of different things, so you are free to submit couple shots, a pet you may want in the picture or whatever. Be creative, Please understand because it is just a free for all that it could take time to get to your photo and I may not be able to get to some at all, but I will do my absolute best. I would like to eventually start at art shop, so please let me know if this is something you would purchase in the poll. Below are a few examples. Have a great day! And feel free to message me in game at Mizukisuzume in the Ruairi server or find me at WHAT I NEED FROM YOU:

    1.) A screenshot of a few angles of your character is possible in the outfit you would like.

    2.) If there is a certain pose you are looking for that will help a lot.