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Mabinogi is a good game, one of the only of its kind.. its a sad thing that it is flawed.
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Crossx2 of Alexina. Used to be someone else, but started over.. you wouldn't remember my old name.
  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    The game has been launchable by exe for a long, long time. Its never caused any issues in my experience, in fact its been used to get around many issues that have arisen over the years with the various other launchers Nexon has tried to make us use. Its frustrating that they try to do things to limit our options like this. Those of us that use the exe to launch do so because it is a simple, quick way to get into the game, as it should be to begin with. Going through 2 or 3 launchers is annoying and there is no reason I know of that we should be forced to do so.

    If they're going to take away the ability to directly launch the game then they need to change the way Mabi works with Steam. I play Mabi through Steam, but I use a different account then is linked to my Steam account, and as far as I know there is no way to switch a Steam account once its locked to a Nexon account. This creates a problem when they take away my only one other way to log into the game.