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Mabinogi is a good game, one of the only of its kind.. its a sad thing that it is flawed.
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Crossx2 of Alexina. Used to be someone else, but started over.. you wouldn't remember my old name.
  • Wolf Tails From Event Claimed Already

    My problem isn't that the item is rare, I'm fine with that. My problem is that the event is designed so that only everyone who spins the first day or two can get a chance at all the prizes. As much as you might say "that's how it is", its still an unfair way to implement event rewards, no matter which way you look at it.

    I know alt use is a big thing in Mabi to obtain event rewards, and its never been a huge problem, until they do an event like this and make rewards limited. Then it makes it so only the people who have the time, means, and moral disposition to flip alts are able to have a good chance at the limited event items. Its not fair to the people who can't, or don't do that, and it makes the entirety of the rest of the week of the event boring as people sit around waiting for Thursday.

    Its not a well designed event.