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Last Active
  • Fantastic Melody is finally here!

    Wait. TWO new soundtrack arrangements? Well dang, what do I pick?
  • Sky Lantern Event returns!

    Or better yet, find monsters with better CP than you. An old favorite is to run Cooking Dungeon. (Whether or not you just shamelessly nuke everything in sight or actually complete the mission is up to you.)
  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    1. Glowsticks and Glow bracelets: I ran that event as often as I could get away with, BEGGED people to participate, and these things never dropped. I figure that this was never an issue in Korea because they had auction board well before we did.

    2. I don't have any specific clothes I'm currently looking for...BUT: I have always wanted to see new clothing *patterns*. What would intrigue me is if they started releasing new (or old) gacha outfits as patterns as well as the whole outfit. Or heck, have a whole gacha of clothing patterns/blacksmith manuals of previous gacha outfits. (No fillers of stuff we can already get in shops please!)
  • More Homestead Expansion Coupons?

    I'd honestly prefer the ability to significantly change the enviornment. I used to wish we could get bandit homesteads, but after the more recent expansion coupons, I suspect they're just too dang big.
  • Alexina Server Merge?

    I'll add my piece here. I do not think Alexina should merge with the others. Locking out newbies for a month would generally be bad for business. I have seen dead servers on various games, and Alexina is *NOT* one of them by any stretch of the imagination.

    Even at 7AM I found active players messing around in various areas, running content, or just having fun. Were they speaking out loud? No. Because discord, groupchat, and guildchat are a thing.

    Are there AFK players? Sure. Because Mabi has a lot of events that require extra login time, Mabi is the one MMO that lets you get away with AFKing, and because it's the time of day that most people are working.

    Does channel 1 fill up like it used to? No. Because auction house now serves the purpose of "shop channel". So people who are online spread out more, have less AFK alts on other machines, etc. There's nothing artificially locking players to a single channel like there was before.

    The other servers have been asking for this for years. Let them have it. Honestly, I think most of this is jealousy that the other servers are getting something "new and shiny" and Alexina is "not". Even though the "new and shiny" thing is neither new nor shiny, and doesn't affect us in the least, so long as people don't meme the whole thing into a FUD-panic.