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  • Be careful everyone

    Double check what they meant, or have them double check their inventory. Seriously, I've been watching a discord full of people shouting all afternoon, you are the only one reporting lost items, and now you're saying it's not even from you? I don't think the server would have been reopened had inventories been broken to the point of losing items. They would have rolled back and tried again next week.

    Stuff I have tested that are fine:

    XP/levels/AP/skill levels
    Items on self, pets, dressing room, etc.
    Quests. Even tried logging out just before a turn-in and was able to log in and turn in the quest fine.

    I have tested multiple channel changes and logouts.

    What *is* being reset are *any* window settings, including hotkeys and bag locations on your screen. Side hotbars won't appear regardless of what your settings are.

    TLDR for anyone else watching: Go ahead and do the bare minimum to get your event dailies done, indulge in cash shop, whatever. Just don't go all out fixing your hotkeys today. (Thus it may not be the best day to be trying to run anything serious, like Tech or Phantasm.) There's people in-game running the event dailies just fine.
  • Be careful everyone

    KingEphy wrote: »
    Ohh maaaan...I opened my bags and stuff.


    Nah. I've already tested this on my own characters. Your items are fine. People are bizarrely misreading something Katherz said about cash shop items not appearing until you relog.
  • Be careful everyone

    The only problem with inventory is it's not saving your bag locations and hotkeys. Actual items are fine.

    Let's take the issue for what it is and not get into FUD territory.
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  • Your most nostalgic/best memory of mabinogi

    A friend and I tried to 2-man Crumena (when it was actually hard) and the friend ended up bugged somehow and could not attack. I had given her tons and tons of phoenix feathers and was carrying a large amount myself. So this ended up with me trying to magnum Crumena repeatedly (this is before we had any reasonable way to increase aiming speed) and her throwing pheonix feathers at me to rez me when necessary. Eventually (like, 3 hours later) that stupid dragon went down!
  • Elf Update?

    Xehalin wrote: »
    I feel like the people that want elf buffs don't understand just how strong Elves really are.

    Honestly I agree with you. Even the "gear" argument only goes so far when you consider what a store-bought chainblade can accomplish in terms of damage. There are ways to boost archery without reforges, and it's really about stacking damage mulitpliers. (Reforges are only a piece of this puzzle.)

    The only reason I want dual wielding is for "character" purposes, not because I think it'll magically make me stronger. (It won't.) For what it's worth I still sometimes pull out my Chef's Passion in areas where it's obviously outgunned just for the lulz, but ah well, there's a reason I stick to soloing.