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March 17, 1996
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"wow i recognize this place from your screenshots!" "my wife... shes real" "SHES REAL!"
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Yvona's wife, Alexina server, Bunncubus~ Afk somewhere, somehow. Need an extra body for dungeons? Add me! Need garbage herbs and unknown ore? Dm me for orders up to 50 stacks! ((Please do not call my character a loli, she is 15 in game, but I've written up a backstory for her, and she is 21 in my lore, but her height is 5'2. She is a rabbit succubus, meaning she has demonic wings, but a rabbit tail and rabbit ears.))
  • G21 Chapter 2 PV+ENG translation (Pixel Albans!)

    Senyuni wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Obviously Altam is cutest husbando. He's my adorable bun~ <3
    Is being sarcastic all you can muster to do these days? God forbid op translates anything for the NA fandom without people associating everything she does with 'omg husband altam XD so kyute XD even though i bashed on her commissioning artists because im bitter x3'

    Back on track, cute video! The dance at the end was the cutest thing ever <3

    Ah, not intending on taking Greta's side, but i think it was more related to Altam winning husbando contest rather than the vid. So I believe that's why the sarcasm
    Shrug emoji

    nono, this is from the discord server (no clue if youre in it) but she isnt fond of the op LMAO, so i know whats up
  • Who wore it better!?

    k...... this is in general, why?
    "wish i could disable them" then you shouldnt of done Altruist things in the first place? lmfao