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Quitting Mabinogi for... I don't know how long. I am just tired of logging in to do pretty much nothing. Between unfair late-game content and the rampant reforge elitists, I have little desire to play. Farewell laggy hamster servers, I probably will not miss you.


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    I am saddened at how people are too lazy to walk up to a moon gate/mana tunnel.
    XiokunGretaRadiant Dawn
  • My best friend scammed me

    Never share your account with anyone. Not your best friend. Not your spouse. Not your boss. Not your dog. Nobody. Ever. Sharing accounts always cause problems because you cannot trust anyone. People will look out only for themselves when the opportunity arises and reveal their true colors.

    Since this person is your "best friend" in irl, go up to her irl and kick her in the shin. She'll understand why. If she doesn't, you should revoke her "best friend" status because shes an awful backstabbing leach.
  • Help i got scammed! D:

    I can only face palm at how anyone can trust those kind of people.
  • Oasification (For the Homestead background)

    We cast Meteor Strike to create massive craters methodologically in the landscape to sculpt a lovely river/pond.
    Or we could use the land-maker action to paint the landscape to our liking.
  • Coming Soon: Memento

    Clovis15 wrote: »
    The way you've described this has me partially confused. Is this a new event, or permanent content?

    If you actually read it, its an update. With new features. Features that adds more stuff into our user interface (Echo Stones) which would be silly to be temporary, a whole new dungeon (with a level requirement of 500 [it would be silly to have a level requirement in an event and segregate an entire player-base]). The word "Event" doesn't even pop up in the post. All events also have dates when they start and end, which isn't present here. Everything you see here, its here to stay.

    Also: God dingleberries 70% of all people really don't read the updates, even outside of the game. I would have though the forums would be have a reading-comprehension-competent population but I guess I just got proven wrong. :/