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Quitting Mabinogi for... I don't know how long. I am just tired of logging in to do pretty much nothing. Between unfair late-game content and the rampant reforge elitists, I have little desire to play. Farewell laggy hamster servers, I probably will not miss you.


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  • How many more years do you think Mabi has left?

    Sheena wrote: »
    1-5 years UNLESS they change the damn engine and turn those polygons into high quality anime models, ITS 2017!!! COME ON!!

    Yes, and square enix is remaking FF7 by using the same game PS1 engine and hardware. Same with Tomb raider, its the same game engine, just better graphics. Sequels are like mods, but they are just tweaks to the engine. No money or time is needed to do any of this. Just make Mabi have a better engine and put in super-realistic graphics because graphics is the most important thing in any video game, just like The Order 1886. Best game ever, 10/10. DevCat is holding back and could have upgraded the game. Its as easy as pushing a button. Its like they hate the fans

  • New player here, hi!

    Can anyone explain to me the egg gathering quest? I have like 20 and it still says I haven't completed it.
    The game may be tracking the amount of times you gathered the egg, and not how many you have in your bag.
    Check your quest log too see which part of the quest you are up to and what you need to do. You may need to report to someone.
    Did you get hit and knocked back? Your eggs may be in pieces, you will need to gather new eggs.
  • I Just Realized Something about Math Dungeon

    Anyone remembers the old Lorna and Pan videos and this one character named Pikaru. He wears yellow. Black tip antlers. Casts lightning bolt. Hmm...
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    Montjulent wrote: »
    Guys it's 2017 you can already be a dark Elf if you truly believe

    I said i wasn't going to reply further on this thread, but heres a MOD that does it. what was it i said? something about it being possible to make in an afternoon? looks like i was right. It's a shame that a mod was needed to do it b/c what we are wanting here is it to be officially added, not done through mabinogi mods and hacks.

    There's no reason why this can't be just shoved out in a future update, It would litterally take 30 mins tops. If it isn't that easy, I want a Dev to tell me that to my face and why.
    Here is my guess:
    The mod probably replaces one skintone with the dark skintone clientside. Only through the client you get to see the change. Everyone else (without the mod) wouldn't be able to see it. Also, replacing the skintone will alter your perspective and see other players with same replaced skintone. No new skintone option is created, it was just visually replaced. (DON'T MOD, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!)

    Here is my two cents (a guess) on why we aren't given the option:
    Skintones can be modified, that is evident with the skin changing crowns. What I think is that the character creator is hard coded the selected skintones. Unlike hairstyles which are a list of objects that the character creator pulls out of a database, I think the selection of skintones for each race is part of the character creator and does not refer to an external list. From what I know from programming, decompiling an existing program is hard and probably impossible. There is also the thing where the original dev team being not around anymore.
    I could be wrong; this is just a guess.
  • Its Finally Over :D A year long grind is no more.

    I've heard of certain players who disdain people who use skill seals and don't play "legit". I bet those folks are seething.

    Anyways, congratulations with hitting rank 1.