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Quitting Mabinogi for... I don't know how long. I am just tired of logging in to do pretty much nothing. Between unfair late-game content and the rampant reforge elitists, I have little desire to play. Farewell laggy hamster servers, I probably will not miss you.


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  • Meanwhile in Japan

    I don't have any amazing reforged gear with outrageous buffs so I am stuck in a state of limbo where I am on the bottom end of the end-game crowd. I am always against reforges since it is pay-to-win. I am concerned that these echo stones stack with existing reforges. This will create a new level of top-tiered players with even more outrageous damage buffs.
  • 500% Golden Experience Fruit

    Each Golden Fruit gives 500% of the experience needed for your current level. This means that you will be getting around 4.8 levels since the next levels need more exp to level up (yay math). With the power of estimation, it would take 29 fruits to get you to about 198 or so. So 30 fruits will catapult you from 54 to 200. Be warned that if you do this, you will get a massive inflow of potential levels and probably fill your inventory with Rebirth potions which will expire in 7 days. Happy leveling.
  • Berserk Skill?

    I'm going to cover all the bases:
    Maybe you already have the skill (it is under the Hidden Tab). In the same time, check the Unlearned tab to see if that skill is there.
    Maybe you already have the quest? The quest is called "Muscle Stimulant".
    Err... try relogging?
  • Topic Changed: Maintenance?

    "We heard your pleas, and we will no longer be hosting events that involves waiting 36 minutes for items. We are happy to introduce the new and improved event where you wait 35 minutes for items! You will need less time to wait to get your sweet sweet loot!"
    *wakes up*
    Whoa, what a nightmare.
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  • About Halos?

    They are expensive because they are a premium item as in: gachapon only items. They are usually the featured item in the gachapon meaning they are rare.