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  • simple style art commissions (gold only)(open)

    commissions for imaizumi


  • simple style art commissions (gold only)(open)

    Imaizumi wrote: »
    Thanks for replying! I have commission forms for 2 orders below~ I included personality/expression suggestions if you take those into account, but np if you don't!

    IGN: Wakasoggyhime

    Order 1)
    Order Type: Fullbody
    Personality/expression: Stoic, nonchalant, reserved
    Details: Include her suitcase if you can
    Payment: 17m

    Order 2)
    Order Type: Portrait
    Personality/expression: Spunky, confident, mischievous
    Details: 2nd ref is to show how to draw and color her gloves and nail polish if her hands happen to be visible in the piece
    Payment: 7m

    When do you take payment? Ideally I would like to meet up to trade the gold if that's alright~
    Thank you!
    iluen wrote: »
    i don't take requests i'm sorry ):

    Just wanna make sure it's clear, but you don't take pose requests for these commissions right? Totally fine with me I'm still going to order regardless :D just making sure. Thanks again!

    aa thank you so much! i'll send you a message rn :)
    also about the requests, sorry i thought you meant like actual requests for drawings hahaha sure! you can suggest any pose you like :)
    sorry for the misunderstanding

    thank you!
  • simple style art commissions (gold only)(open)

    Imaizumi wrote: »
    Hihi your art's super cute!

    Do you have an example of portrait in that style? Even just a crop of the current example would suffice

    Do you take pose requests?

    Also do you allow multiple orders in one go?

    Thank you!

    aaa thank you so much! i'm glad you like it

    sure, i think it would be something like this:

    i don't take requests i'm sorry ):

    you can order as many as you want no problem, if you have any more questions feel free to let me know :) i appreciate the interest
  • simple style art commissions (gold only)(open)

    hihi opening this again

    knee up + simple coloring + simple background : 15m
    more options on the same style:
    portrait: 7m

    rules and info:

    -About corrections and extra requests and changes 1:

    -2.5m extra for each correction if it's not at the proper stage

    ( the proper corrections at each stage would be...
    sketch: you can correct the pose, expression and clothing
    - line: anything line related or related to the new details that weren't on the sketch
    - color: change any color
    ---i'll ask for your corrections at all of these stages---)

    -2.5m extra for extra requests ( may depend but this is the minimum)

    -the correction will be free if it was my mistake( i count as mistake as anything you said on the reference that i forgot or got wrong )

    -you can make all the corrections you need on the sketch phase ( i'll ask for it so don't worry :))

    -canvas size: 3000 x 4000 aprox

    if you wanna see more art:
    the oc used as sample belongs to lilycal