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  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Sure, and you could just stop complaining and demanding for unnecessary changes every month on the forums for the best race in game. Then I'll cut them some slack.
  • The Elf Revamp, Yes I said it.

    Wow, kudos to this Toon guy for doing a much better job at trying to convince the "elves suck and need a revamp" forum hive mind that elves are actually p good. Alas, soon one of them will hit you with another straw man like how elves lose Visions when they change channels or something about lag.
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    Is every elf on the forum a new player that thinks humans are overpowered from seeing them kill trash mobs with final hit in shadow missions? I'm pretty sure that knowing the meta of the game right now, the reason there are more end game humans in the game is because people don't want to start over and have to retrain life skills, renown, crusader, etc. If I could turn into an elf or trade my human for an equal value elf with same investment into gears, maxed stats, high level crusader, and total level, I would 100% take that trade.

    There seems to always be a misconception that elves are bad at everything except archery because they have bad stats, but this is only true for combat and fighter due to lower multipliers in skills such as windmill and chain mastery, and for ninja, because they have a lower str/will cap. Fact of the matter is that elves ARE the best mages because they can reach an INT cap of 1800 with Shine of Eweca, higher than human cap of 1750 or giant cap of 1700. Elves are the SAME gunner and puppeteer when you use cater and divine link. I've disregarded echo stones because all races have the same potential with those.

    Elves are the best archers and mages, but the weakest fighters, melee, and ninjas, but really the same in other classes. They have the highest solo clear speed in the game and thus do not really need any buffs. Also now that combo cards come from advancement tests, elves can gain massive multipliers on their magnums much more reasonably now. If you really value some measly stat bonuses from lance talent and skills that are easily nullified by cater and divine link, then maybe you should play a human and see that final hit is really just meh compared to magnum spam. Everyone pretends that elf range has an insane price investment to get into, but totally disregard that humans have to reforge head slot, armor slot, swords, make attack speed set, make piercing lance, etc. to stay relevant late game.

    Finally, the best player on Tarlach is an elf, and I'd wager that's the same for other servers.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that mage is not irrelevant, blaze is good damage in dungeons including phantasm and ice spear is best clear speed for Alban.
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    A couple comments I would like to add:

    1. Not enough elves use combo cards. An elf with a magnum combo card will match human FH dps even in the current game. I think a lot of people overlook combo cards cause they're expensive to make, but they did recently release a magnum combo card in a combo card gacha at least.

    2. Yea FH is good, but without it, what advantage do humans have exactly? Just celtic sword bash, which is already better dps than FH actually with a good connection, plus giants are receiving their CRKs soon. Should humans just go back to having no significant end game advantage over elves/giants like before the FH buff? I don't think so, I'd rather each race have some advantage. I think FH is only arguably broken in SMs and Peaca Abyss because they're old content and monsters tend to die very quickly, so the massive DPS potential from combo carded elves aren't noticed, but humans teleporting around 2 shotting them looks OP. If you look up an elf doing Phantasm with magnum spam, he does fine. If you look up Alban Heroic runs, no one is FHing by the 3rd/4th floor.

    3. Isn't a 400% aim speed a really nice buff already? I don't see why that's not good enough. The argument seems to be that elves are pigeonholed into having to spam magnum.... ok.... that's like complaining about humans pigeonholed into spamming FH and having to get FH reforges. Mabinogi will always have some optimal single/multi target DPS method, so why is it "bad" for magnum to be that DPS skill like FH? As for the complaint about lag making archery impossible, fact is that lags makes a LOT of skills difficult to use. My FH is even affected by my lag, but do I deserve buffs? Probably not.

    4. I think giants deserve buffs, and they're getting plenty of it. I wanna say they will definitely be able to keep up with FH/CRK bash DPS with their new weapons and no cooldown on charge. On top of that, they will do 15% more damage while being tanky with windguard and having the option to spam full swing. Doesn't it sound really nice?

    5. This game is pretty easy already. In its current state any race can do any content, so I think we should all just chill and enjoy the game. As a human, I have no problem with elves and giants getting buffs because everything is easily doable anyways.