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  • It is time to give Giants and Elves Final Hit

    This thread is so hilariously full of biased opinions and falsehoods. I'd like to offer my own opinion and correct some of the falsehoods.

    1. Final hit multiplier is 400%, not 500%. Final hit is not the primary skill humans use for clearing content beyond shadow missions. It is not used for Alby or Rundal hardmode until the boss. It is not used in any of the Baltane missions because bolting or ice spear is better. It is not even used in Alban Heroic or Phantasm except at the boss stage to do single target dps or when you have failed setting up your other skills and need emergency teleport damage. Final hit is useful, however, in Sidhe where enemies are very spread out so teleporting around is useful, in shadow missions because monsters die in 1-2 hits, and in abyss dungeons because monsters are spread out and die in a few hits.

    2. Phantasm breaker is the best title in the game aside from Meteor Strike Master for mages, Battlefield Overture or Vivace Master titles for bards, and Crisis master title for puppet setups. Why is this title garbage? Do you prefer 2-3 damage more from Black Rose Master or Girgashiy Slayer over the 35 Matk, 40 MP, and 25 Will? Or a small damage boost to a single skill by using its master title? People seem to think that humans/giants like to cheese this dungeon by using lance charge, yet no one on Tarlach has done that, as that would be ridiculously slow. I don't know why some people consider elf horseback range as cheese, it's a cool race ability that elves have imo.

    3. Top of the Festia clobber ranks on Tarlach is a mix of elves/humans. An inactive elf player used to take top of single consistently, and the only reason humans have a chance in multi is because of splash with fanatic sword. Where exactly will splash with a fanatic sword be useful? Pretty much nowhere so the high damage of human clobber multi means nothing really. The race representation on clobber rankings are also skewed by the fact that most player are humans, so there are naturally more endgame human players than endgame elves, and thus more humans with the gear to outperform elves even though elves are better single dps.

    4. Top ranks on dungeon boss trials mean nothing really because the bosses are outdated and everything dies in 1-2 hits. If it was a Hardmode dungeon clear rank you would see elves on top of there.

    5. Humans have no advantages really other than final hit and a lower need for catering. Dual wield swords and arrow revolver are not advantages. Blunt mastery gives more damage than sword mastery, and giants can dual wield them. Arrow revolver is not used by humans except to finish deadly targets. Having more overall stats only allows you to perform better if you constantly rotate your skills on cooldown to maximize damage output with multiple different weapons. This advantage is nullified by catering/divine link, as any race can hit stat caps now with cater and divine link. So really, the stat advantage just means humans don't need to cater as much. If a giant/elf wanted to use cater more, they would hit stat caps just as easily. Disregarding echo stones because they are equal for all races, elves cap out at 40k with more DEX and INT than humans, so they really are the best archers and mages. At 40k, giants have more STR and Will than humans, so they are the best meleers/fighters/ninjas. A 40k human has no real stat advantage anymore.

    6. These threads always demand for a final hit nerf without providing any buffs. Sure I'll take a final hit nerf if I can get 400% aimspeed or 15% increased damage. Sure I'll take a final hit nerf if I can get a cooking pot offhand that provides 57 max damage. Sure I'll take a final hit nerf if I can get a shield that reduces any damage to 1.

    As a final word, I'd just like to say that this game is honestly playable as any race so we should all just get along and play instead of demanding for race nerfs/buffs. If you think the game is unplayable without final hit then.... try a human? It doesn't sound like you have invested as much into your giant/elf anyways if you think that one skill breaks the game. I would trade my 27k human for an equally geared/leveled elf anyday but I doubt anyone would take that trade.