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  • OMG I just had an epiphany!!!

    When i whiff on 10 fine reforges in a row, its Mabinogi Never Again
  • Josh Strife Hayes - mabinogi

    You keep dodging the point, which makes me think you aren't even reading responses :/
    Nobody is bashing mabi here.
    Nobody is calling Mabi a bad MMO.

    The series "Worst MMO Ever?" Is not calling the game being reviewed a bad mmo. Its a silly question that starts the video, and then the reviewer tries to describe the good parts and the bad parts honestly.

    If you want MY critique of the game, its not what the thread is about. The thread is about a popular MMO youtuber.
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    You know they made some really awesome updates to this game that are coming really soon

    Im actually back playing Mabi BECAUSE im seeing the devs put effort into improving the quality of life of the game, and also because the youtuber that OP mentioned got me excited about MMOs again, so i wanted to come back to my favorite one.
  • Josh Strife Hayes - mabinogi

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Why respond to a thread if you have no idea what its about?
    So i have seen this guy doing "worst mmo" really good but he is burning though them all pretty fast so who wants to bet how long mabi will take before its on the list.

    I saw he wrote down mabi's name in his "history of MMOs" timeline. He seems to have at least researched mabi, because it had its heyday in Korea at least. That series is on hiatus though. Really solid stuff so im assuming hes taking a break to make sure he has the energy to research every point in the timeline thoroughly. He may of course cut mabi from the list to shorten the timeline a little, but he's been good about listing Korea's releases as well as the US' as he went.

    As for whether mabi will feature in Worst MMOs? Maybe, maybe not. He did Fiesta, and Fiesta has a player count in the double digits. It came from the same era as Mabi too, or at least was advertised at the same time. More likely, he will probably get to Maplestory one day, and then there is a chance he'll pick up other nexon games on the way.

    And while the series is called Worst MMOs, its a clickbait title that covers an generally honest review of UI and new player experience, for both bad and good games alike. I can imagine he'll give a bit of a brutal review, as soon as he sees the item upgrade process. "Chance to fail and destroy the item" seems to be on his list of hated features.