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  • Suggestion: Generation Boost Event - *Extension*

    With the Winter Master Plan Event having just been released, many Milletian's have only just returned, of whom haven't been collecting Shadow Void Crystals & Erinn Light Crystals for very long. With an extension to this event, those players can work towards upgrading their title and grab those reward boxes from completing their generations / spend their event currency in the shop for the lvl.35 Erg Crystal, to help prepare themselves for skill training during the upcoming weeks of the master plan event, as well as for the upcoming trials that await in G25.
  • NA Elf Day Needed...

    Need a human revamp and buff first
  • Transformation Revamp

    Let us retain our current equipped titles when transformed Demigod and Divinity already allow it afterall. Instead, allow the titles given to us upon transformation, to add unique effects such as +60 seconds transform time, which stacks with the duration extension we get each time we rebirth and equip them at our own leisure. Players whom invested in titles that give +48MA or +28 Max.Dam only lose out on damage and is merely a way to quickly gain a % heal / few sec i-frame. Also can't use crisis escape with these active.

    That or transform 5/10/15/20/25 times for the repeatable memoir quest, which all three transformations mentioned above, contribute towards.
  • The end of another Master Plan

    I was only able to make use of 19 days of the event but I got a few things done recently:
    - Cleared 4 Generations
    - Cleared Sidhe Questline
    - Clear Memoir Questline
    - Gained 2516 Levels
    - Gained 541 Levels Exploration Levels
    - Gained 3 Crusader Levels
    - Gained 8 Command Squire Levels
    - 31 skills ranked from rF - r1
    - Homestead Level increased from 12 to 15
    - Gained 28 Master Titles
    - Gained 5 Master Talents
    - Gained 14 new achievements
    NilremRadiant DawnSherriroastedpig
  • Server Merge

    Greta wrote: »
    ch1 buying/selling party amount also look sad. The chat used to be flooded with those and now i can't even find a seller of Luminious Catsidhe. I'm willing to pay well, but there's not a single person even selling it.

    Belvast ch1 no longer exists in Alexina either. Furthermore, it used to be difficult to find a kiosk spot along the north wall and therefore, some had to resort going to the south east, where pvp duels used to take place. Nowadays, plenty of spots for kiosks or shop bags are available. Perhaps most people use the AH, but even that's limited for individual items people seek, with overpricing being common and slices of cheese / dead bees somehow trying to be sold for 100m+