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  • Logging off crashes the whole game.

    UODATE 2: It still happens sometimes. I thought it was happening mostly when my internet connection was not stable, but further testings proved otherwise. It just happens sometimes and not other times. Hopefully this massive crash requiring all the reboots can get fixed soon. Thanks!
  • Logging off crashes the whole game.

    UPDATE: It's working now! Not sure if it was a problem on my end, maybe the connection or something? (though it was a 'first time ever happening' kind of problem) or maybe an expeditious hotfix was applied, in which case, thanks! I'll further update in case something odd gets to happen again.
  • Logging off crashes the whole game.

    After logging in to a character and trying to log off to connect as another character, it brings me back to the title screen, but stating the "Server cannot be reached", with the log in obfuscation showing and asking for encrypted username and password. This then requires to close the client to open it again. Add that to the launcher sometimes not recognizing that the client closed, forcing you to close and reopen the launcher too, and you have a huge waste of time just to check which one of my alts was the one holding the cheap leather strap i raffled last week or something.

    Oh, and sometimes it doesnt launch the BlackCipher, requiring more closings and reopenings!

    Is this only happening to me? And if so, what can i do? Re-install client? And this problem wasn't happening pre-merge. Hopefully this information helps.