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Fairyvoice / Alexina
  • The Adventures in Paper Flipping

    Howdo wrote: »
    I try to click on fellow players ad/signs but it says "no adequate item exists". How do I enter the game?

    If you've been online for 30mins or more, you should have an item in your inventory called Paper Flip Folding Instructions. Use this and select which paper tile you want to play the game with. Once you've selected one, you should be able to join those matches.
  • Kyrios says, “Take care!”

    Thank you for everything, Kyrios! Your professionalism was honestly a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed having you as a stand-in CM and I wish you success in your future endeavors.
  • Tales of a Milletian

    I chose to share one of my best and earliest mabi memories!

    Ign: Fairyvoice
    Server: Alexina

    A lone elf stood on the dock in Tir Chonaill, humming to herself as she whiled away the minutes training her newly obtained fishing skill.


    A friendly voice came ringing from up the hill. She glanced upwards to see another Milletian, a human, making his way down the dock to stand by her.

    “Hi,” she said nervously. People didn’t often approach a newbie like her with good intentions, but his charming greeting gave her some hope that this interaction wouldn’t go like her previous few had gone.

    “Oh, I’m glad you’re actually here!” he said. “I thought you might’ve been, y’know…”

    He paused and pulled a blank look, imitating an afk player, before dissolving into laughter at his own antics. She couldn’t help but laugh along with him, recalling the times she had attempted conversations with other Milletians only to receive that same blank stare.

    “I didn’t mean to interrupt your fishing, but I wanted you to have this,” he said, pulling a small object out of his pocket. He pressed a Dye Ampoule into her hands and stepped back again to a respectful distance. “Merry Christmas!”

    She stared at her shiny new gift, turning it over in her hands.

    “Is it alright for me to have this?” she asked hesitantly. “They’re pretty expensive, aren’t they?”

    He waved away her questions and grinned. “I’d like for you to keep it. Welcome to Mabi,” he said.

    They talked a long while and became fast friends, doing everything from crafting to dungeon delving together. Many more gifts were exchanged between the two as the years rolled on.
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    This was a blast! Thank you for the opportunity :) My sister and I bonded over a fun day at the beach!

    We arrived bright and early and watched the beautiful colors of the sunrise over the water.

    By the afternoon, Palala was shining as hot as ever, and my sister took a much-needed break to cool off at my expense.

    We finished the day off by telling spooky stories by a campfire. Wait, is that a real ghost!?

    IGN: Fairyvoice
    Server: Alexina
  • Attendance Check Event

    Bakujio wrote: »
    So uh......just got the new throne from this event and i just cant dye the men...


    I tried regular and metal dye amps, and yup...nothing works to change their color

    Hey, you're lucky to get blue! The guards on mine are hot pink....


    They earned the 'suspicious' description, I guess.