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  • Coming Soon: Memento

    I'm more concerned with what comes with this update. Premium/VIP revamp perhaps? Housing Uncap? Auction House? New Content only excite me ever so slightly....Rabbie for example, not many people do it, and those who do often are disappointed with the rewards.
  • Server Merges

    Alexina doesn't need it. Tarlach and Ruairi though =/
  • The Crossdressing Thread

    Wanna know what's Victoria's Secrets? I'm sitting on it.
  • How is the gacha this time?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Nichee wrote: »
    I spent $200 and the only decent item was Eluned Afternoon Tea Wig with Bonnet(M), and it was from my very last box as well.

    I haven't seen anyone with good results. A friend spent $300 and was literred with Chilling Urban.

    I just want the Eluned wig without bonnet, and it doesn't seem anyone on Ruairi has gotten it yet, especially since I'm paying heft for it.

    Imagine all the player's spending pooled together, and one item still hasn't appeared. Counting me and a few acquintances alone, we already spent 3000$ +, and none of us got that wig.

    Remember those days when poor gach like these were 1k nx each? I'd like they to stop watering down gach that's worth 1.5k each with all these fillers~_~ useless enchants, -cp gears, things that you can buy from NPC even. We spend real money, man, and it's not even cheap.

    I know it's your money're feeding the problem.

    We want new outfits to be released as shopping bags from now on. We don't care if they have to charge 20-30 bucks. I mean that's about how much of us spend on gachas anyway. Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes) just releases new outfits for those amounts. People should be able to dress the way they want on this game and not spend 100's in doing so. Honestly I think they would make more money that way. More people would buy because they would know there is certainty to what they are purchasing.

    That and they need to update the premium and VIP services. :|

    You're very right. I've banned myself from gacha'ing ever again. And will stop buying VIP/Premium untill it gets renewed, honestly, I only buy it for housing, and the 5m cap and 24hour renew'ing process is ...redundant.

  • KR Content updates?

    Uberchao wrote: »
    Seriously? More effeminate hairstyles for men and still not a single tomboyish cut for girls? Barring of course some extremely low-detail low-poly styles from the far past. And Meryl style but it sounds like the gacha somehow didn't make it any cheaper.

    Just make a couple of those cute shaggy male styles unisex, good heavens.

    there's.....plenty of tomboyish hair for female..? there's really only 1 or 2 effeminate(enough) hair for male....
    Greta[Deleted User]