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  • Warm Energy????

    Greta wrote: »
    I think it was pretty clear wording there.

    * Clear any Shadow Mission to receive 1 Warm Energy per day. You can do this a maximum of once per day.

    I don't understand the reason for second sentence, the first sentence pretty much explains it all.

    * Use 4 Warm Energies (one per day).

    Ok, so it means 4 days.

    It even informs us that after giving Pet Incubator to Kenny, we can take another one to do this all over again.
    EVERYTHING IS SO CLEAR. You either have to be a preschooler or english is not your native language to make such a simple mistake for failing to read this.

    You can stop being that pretentious. The information we've been getting in both in-game and from the event pages has been getting more roundabout and confusing for a long time. Your first line even proves that

    "I don't understand the reason for second sentence, the first sentence pretty much explains it all."
    "Use 4 warm energies (one per day)" In a game where multiple events including ones on-going and past events require you to STACK said event items to use them. Was there an arbitrary limit on the number of Lucky shop spins we could USE in one day? No. Was there a limit on the number of boxes stack/open in the same day besides the limit from how many tickets we could get? No.

    And this is all just from the P.E.T event. The same event giving wildly varying means for both participating and means of obtaining rewards, let alone using them. Ontop of multiple different events running at the same time with their OWN methood. And lets not forget about things that are broken or just don't work. The fynni coin requirement for having pets out for 30/60 minutes is broken, among other things.

    And disregarding all of that, -why- is there a second limit on the number of energies you can -use- in a day if you can only -get- one per day?

  • Pet Adventurer Guide

    Without going into a rant. I'd like to add my thoughts into this.

    I'm not a fan of the intentional tedium. The bug allowing for extra missions caps out (you could only have 12 active at one time) and if you had a mission that you couldn't take, you couldn't reset your lists. And your pets could only go on so many before resting
    It was self regulating. And the rewards had a chance to fail, ontop of several layers of RNG to begin with.

    Along with the design of slowing player progress by making them compete directly for resources between players instead of the typical "grind vs buy" tactic that has been used before. Grinding isn't an option for a vast majority of the playerbase,and the oil having -no- direct way to grind.

    There was a clan solely monopolizing the fur pelts earlier. Every single channel had someone mass farming the rabbits, with very few they didn't take from anyone in the area. Then some of the members of said clan laugh about how much money they were making from the auction house.

    A competetive market doesn't really exist. People aren't willing to lower the price of their items that much, usually by a single coin. And then -only- sell them at a fixed price. Look at how much hate the Treasure dungeon event had because of people complaining about "lost profits" at items gouged out from their artifical rarity. Take a look at old items from the dragon raids. Most of which are more expensive than current materials.

    I said I didn't want to go on a rant so I'll cut short, but the "short term" is going to harm the long term. Waiting month(s) for people to get tired/done with pet houses to try to buy the materials is just upsetting. Most people already come back for events every month, why do we need an artifical timer on something that clearly works as-is?
  • Unpopular Opinion: Cancel the Legendary Item Event

    Yeah but if you get the weapon and destroy it what was the point in going to the event in the first place. At-least you could get some gold out of it if you decide that class isn't working out for you. Why would nexon do an event to give out something that would maybe end up getting destroyed later anyway? Honestly I don't know what the point of this event was. To give out a few items? Why not just call it a giveaway.

    :I I'm still clueless to why this legendary item event even happened tbh

    You must have missed most of the events lately that give out exclusively and very limited timed items, which are going to be destroyed anyway.

    I'm very tired of the rewards of late. way too many timers, and way too much standing around for arbitrary amounts of time and/or being online at a specific time during the day. Considering it uses PST, and west europe and africa(?) onto the servers, it forces people to be on at extremely awkward or just un-doable timeframes

    I miss when attendances didn't need a half hour (or more) to complete.

    I miss when everyone could participate and get a reward from it. (Look at this, yet again reskined Meowbinogi, except in theory, it's possible for someone to never complete a single board because of RNG, and unable to get more from limited tokens)

    I miss when nearly every item given out didn't have a timer on them....