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  • [POSTPONED] - Sky Lantern Event

    I'm honestly curious about an ETA on when they will release this back out again o-o
    It's hard reading the forums these days, but I saw that no one made mention on some estimate on when they will re-release it back out?
  • Using rank 5 enchants despite not rank 5 enchanter

    Kokoro wrote: »
    Hmm I think that if you try to enchant without using powder, it bypasses the rank 5 requirement but it's a really really bad idea because the success rate will be extremely low and you lose the enchant scroll regardless of success or failure.

    It's been a while since I've done this so I don't remember if it gives you the warning that your stuff could blow up. It really should.

    No matter what scroll it is, you should, as heavy advice, never try to use it without powder unless you're just messing around with it and don't care about the consequences. They will always prompt you with a warning should you try to use the scroll without powder.

    One more thing; you have to have rank 5 enchant in order to use rank 5 enchant scrolls.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Beauty Coupons

    It's at that time again when beauty coupons are being issued in gachas and everyone is cracking them open just in hopes of getting what they want... only to spend 10 boxes on it and not even get a remotely what anyone would possibly want. And what's worse, you have to find some way to get rid of them. You could use them yourself, but why do that when it's so cost inefficient with pon? You can use them for partners if you wanted, but that's a limited use there as well. Selling it is already hard enough because of personal subjectiveness. And it's ridiculous to couch up 70m for just one hair coupon just to make yourself look good (though who am I to say that people are willing to do that?).

    Why not just recycle them or somehow make every coupon count?

    Just like the transformation coins, you can break them down into three pieces and it'll reroll into a new transformation coin to take on. In the case of beauty coupons, different beauty coupons cannot be interchangeable in order to break them down. In other words, you cannot mix two hair coupon pieces and one mouth coupon piece to make a remotely new coupon. You must have, say, three hair coupons to reroll into a new hair coupon and vice versa for all the other pieces. And with the coupons that cost 100000x more money than you could possibly afford, it'll feel less of an exclusive game of "who has the most money to afford such a thing" and hence the "everyone gets a chance to try to get things"'.

    But that's just me; there will always be ups and downs to an idea and I don't care too much if you disagree because after all it's a suggestion. What do you all think?
  • Livestream coming

    It's now my time to shine, after the many years of being grandmaster-less.
    Though quick question, is there some official announcement? Because I really want to believe it so badly ;~;

    Edit: I'm an idiot. I didn't see that the date mentioned in the first post WAS the link. gg
  • Hellhound Skull

    Yup, just run Adv til you get it.