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  • Spirit Ascension Celebration Events

    Well, I clearly forgot about the pink Celebration Ticket, because, well. It's distracting to not having to pay attention to something that hogs your inventory for a week, and now I can't use it. Ok, fine. Whatever.

    But Jesus, take those damn thing OFF my inventory, when you're done. Because I every cell of space available.
    KensamaofmariRadiant DawnDarkpixie99Liberate
  • Harvest Festival 2019

    Oh boy it's one of those kill steal spawn events. And untradeable loot. With less than 20% drop rate.

  • Halloween Weekend Hotdays

    asnscorpio wrote: »
    I know one of the factors is that if you do not have any space and it goes to the temporary inventory. The coupon does have a timer and it does drop. This happened to me on the past events that gave out coupons. I always made sure to logg off for the day instead of afking just in case. >.< I missed out on the first one, but I have the 2nd and 3rd coupon. Best of luck. I have not sent a support ticket for my first one, but I'm sure they have more important matters to attend to.

    Yeah, I'm kinda hoping it wasn't a timer that I missed.
    Also hoping that Hot Day event grants will be a lot more forgiving in the future, and nip the temporary inventory timer in the bud.
    If anything, a UI with a Hot Day countdown and "Claim" button would be more convenient to implement.
    And the addition of "You do not have the inventory room to claim this item." would be a nice notification to add in as well.

    Timed hot day events together with a fishing event is literally the worst combination anyone with a head could come up with.
  • Should We Allow Men To Play As Female Characters?

    I don't know where this is heading but I'm joining.
  • post your best mabinogi meme

    My existence
    SherriRadiant Dawnpawcalypse